Electrical Engineering Data Management

DS-E3: Manage electrical data and workflow

DS-E3 is designed specifically for electrical design and manufacturing engineers, providing them with current, validated libraries, design data and BOM information to:

  • Manage tasks and workflows for change and approval processes.
  • Support intelligent design configuration and reuse through module and variant management.
  • Generate a 100% BoM and documentation from a 150% BoM

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Direct integration increases productivity

DS-E3 integrates directly into Zuken’s E3.series suite for electrical and fluid design, so engineers do not need to leave their CAD application to carry out everyday tasks. Engineers can increase their productivity by reducing the number of individual applications and user interfaces they use.

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Work-in-progress data is managed within the respective engineering discipline, then synchronized with cross-discipline PLM and ERP systems. This approach, known as ‘domain data management’ offers significant productivity benefits.


Integrate into existing PDM/PLM and ERP environments

DS-E3 goes far beyond the practice of managing electrical designs as packaged (zipped) containers in a predominantly mechanical PDM/PLM product structure. Bi-directional integration between DS-E3 and PLM synchronizes material data, bill-of-materials information and related documents. Integrate simply using generic APIs for third party systems with SOA-based plug & play connectors.

‘Native’ data management means users can:

  • Track and analyze electrical designs down to component level to leverage capabilities such as where-used information.
  • Create variant design strategies based on functional modules.

ABB Process AutomationAs a supplier in the field of network and communication infrastructure components and solutions, ABB must react flexibly to customer requirements. Design reuse and modularization are key capabilities that are enabled for us by Zuken's engineering data management solutions in the area of electrical engineering.

Marcus Bohm - Lifecycle Manager and lead for the company’s DS-E3 pilot program, ABB

Cross-discipline capabilities

Zuken’s electronic (DS-CR) and electrical (DS-E3) data and workflow management tools share a common platform for capabilities common to both disciplines.

Change Management

Change Management

  Options and Variants

Options and Variants

Module Management

Module Management

  Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Cross-discipline Engineering Process Support

Cross-discipline engineering process support

  Library Management

Library Management

Functional areas within DS-E3

  • Library Data Master - Manages library information and specifications required for the electrical design process from schematic, fluid and cable plan entry, right up to manufacturing documentation.
  • Material Supplier Master - Contains all component and material information required during the engineering process. Consolidates material master data such as cost, availability, alternative components and related information such as datasheets, specifications etc., that are typically managed in enterprise IT environments, i.e. outside the engineering domain.
  • Design Data Master - manages E³.series project data, including options and variants, in a controlled environment with comprehensive access control, revision management and analysis functionality. 
  • BoM Data Master - generates and maintains accurate component lists that consolidate all associated schematic, wiring and panel layout/wire harness data, component information, documents and assembly drawings within a single environment.
  • PDM Connector - DS-E3 can integrate with all major PLM and ERP systems and provides SOA-based "plug & play" connectors; in addition, generic integration APIs are available for other third party systems.
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Stadler RailReceiving version-proof data from our electrical design team forms the basis of our optimized manufacturing process. Stadler has therefore decided to use DS-E3 for managing its electrical engineering work-in-progress data.

Christoph Leiterer - Head of Electrical and Software Engineering Tailormade, Stadler Rail

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