Model Based Systems and Software Engineering – MBSE 2022

A European Space Agency event, in co-operation with Airbus and CNES

About the event

The workshop will provide a forum to exchange practical experiences, lessons learned and novel way forward ideas from applications of model-based techniques in the area of Space System and Software Architecting and Engineering.

We expect the workshop to be attended by both practitioners from space agencies and European space industry (primes and their suppliers), and researchers in applied model-based techniques.

The symposium will include invited talks/keynotes, participant presentations and interactive discussion sessions.

Zuken @ MB4SE

Zuken will be exhibiting during the conference with GENESYS

GENESYS is an integrated model-based systems engineering software toolset that covers all four domains of systems engineering — requirements, behavior, architecture, and verification and validation — holding all of the information in the tool itself and allowing you to do the engineering.

Model-based systems engineering, or MBSE, is a methodical way of looking at complex problems that yields tremendous insights. Rather than scattering information across multiple documents, diagrams, and spreadsheets, the knowledge is captured clearly and cohesively in an authoritative systems engineering source of truth. You have one idea in one place providing the right data at the right time in the right presentation for communication and analysis. With GENESYS, Zuken offers a powerful next-generation MBSE software that is equally suitable for modelling and verifying products, system architectures and systems of systems.

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