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Smart Cabinet: How to Digitize Electrical Cabinet Design and Manufacturing


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Smart Cabinet BuildingAre you looking for ways to produce your electrical control cabinets faster, and improve your flexibility and efficiency?

The Smart Cabinet Building initiative, founded by four partner companies; Weidmüller, Komax, Armbruster Engineering and Zuken E3 GmbH, will demonstrate how electrical cabinet construction can be digitized, making use of solutions that are already available today.

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In this webinar you will see how our solutions can work together as part of a consistent use case scenario; going from design, thought to production and manufacture, demonstrating how it is possible to automate and optimize the electrical cabinet design and manufacturing process.

Learn from Experts

  • Dr. Christian Dülme is Head of Poduct Management for Automated Cabinet Building at Weidmüller
  • Dr. Tilman Hoss is Business Development Manager at Komax, Switzerland
  • Timo Tessin is Project Manager at Armbruster Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
  • Achim Stirner is Product Manager for E3.series at Zuken E3 GmbH

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