how to manage electrical design data with the ds-e3 starter package

Project Management made easy – DS-E3 Starter Package

On-demand webinar: How to manage electrical design data?

Who doesn’t recognise this? Many versions, many intermediate results, and copies.

  • Who has the latest version?
  • Where is it stored?
  • Who is currently working on it?
  • Which settings, structure and database is the right one?

We would like to answer all these questions in this presentation. With attention to a simple solution that can help you in your daily work in electrical design.

DS-E3 is an integrated electrical domain data management system that is embedded in the E3.series design applications. The key functional scope covers document control, design configuration, part management, and design process management.

What you will learn:

  • Basics of project management for electrical design projects
  • Everything you need to know to effectively manage electrical design data
  • How to make the daily routine tasks easy and painless
  • How to get your projects started with the DS-E3 Starter Package

Who should attend:

  • Technical and electrical design engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Academic Researchers
  • Students

Presenter: Tim Brown, business development engineer at Zuken

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