cadstar place and route editor


 High-speed Design – CADSTAR Place and Route Editor

CADSTAR Place and Route Editor (P.R.Editor) is an integral part of the CADSTAR solution. Using the latest algorithms for interactive and automatic placement and routing, it helps achieve optimal routing results. Supported by a constraint-driven process, P.R.Editor enables designers to meet specifications and performance goals throughout the design process.

CADSTAR P.R.Editor offers an extensive set of electrical and physical design rules that allow you accurately implement the latest design technologies. Designers can interactively and automatically design and verify their constraints and use area-based rules to accommodate the complex matrix of timing rules and signal quality requirements found in today’s high performance designs. These include high-speed interfaces such as DDR2/DDR3, SuperSpeed USB and PCI Express. Embedded within the CADSTAR design suite, P.R.Editor can help you manage today’s advanced technology design challenges with ease.

Top features and benefits

  • Integrated within CADSTAR to provide a dedicated rules-driven place and route environment
  • Supports cross-probing with schematic and layout to improve data access and design object selection
  • Advanced interactive and automatic placement and routing algorithms ease the design of any design technologies
  • Embedded Constraint Manager enables rules-driven approach for high-speed applications
  • Common constraint entry system for circuit design, layout and analysis
  • Assign standard or user-defined topologies to control route order and timing for high-speed signals
  • Automatic generation of extendednets, busses and differential pairs
  • Support for static or self-healing conductive areas to simplify the design of complex power and ground planes
  • Automatic fan-out and test-point generation to reduce effort in routing and ICT data generation

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cadstar place and route editor