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Easy to learn and fast to use, CADSTAR delivers high performance PCB layout to your desktop. From single-sided to complex double-sided, multilayer and SMT designs, CADSTAR PCB Layout has the tools you need to navigate the design process and increase productivity.
CADSTAR offers superior design capability throughout the PCB design flow, from initial schematic through layout, routing, high-speed, signal integrity, power integrity analysis, to full board EMC screening. CADSTAR also includes outputs to drive fabrication, assembly and test of the finished design. As the core element of the CADSTAR High-speed Design suite, PCB Layout provides a fast, error-free design environment that helps you realize your creativity.

Top features and benefits

  • Reduce time and effort by using automatic placement with pattern replication and design block reuse
  • Integrated with CADSTAR Place and Route Editor for constraint-driven, high-speed routing
  • Fast optimization to improve design routability using automatic gate and pin swap
  • Eliminate project duplication with design variants to drive multiple assemblies from a single project
  • Support for bi-directional exchange with mechanical systems using IDF and DXF
  • ODBC-compliant library with parametric search and version control
  • Support for the latest CAM output formats, including IPC-D-356 and ODB++
  • Automate and streamline your design process in a configurable design environment with macros, report generation utilities and OLE
  • Improve collaboration with mechanical engineering and conduct full 3D verification with Board Modeler Lite using STEP, SAT and IDF

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3D PCD design layout - Cadstar pcb design software