Engineering Requirements of IoT Devices

Engineering Requirements of IoT Devices

On-demand webinar: IoT Hardware Development

In recent years, the design of Internet of Things (IoT) products became a major topic of interest. But mostly when discussing IoT aspects, the focus is on the software/application and the business-model side, neglecting the fact that printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the core of (nearly) every IoT device, with dedicated requirements for the design and analysis process (e.g. ultra low power, tiny form factors, sensors, and actors).

All of this will be discussed in this webinar.

What you will learn:

  • Hardware development of IoT devices and guidelines for PCB design
  • How to mitigate IoT Design in the ECAD World

Presenter: Ralf Brüning, product manager and senior consultant for high-speed design at Zuken

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