CADSTAR Redlining

Review and mark-up designs – CADSTAR Redlining

Improving communication between multidisciplinary teams is a key way companies can maintain a competitive edge and promote design quality. Where PCB designs are outsourced, this becomes even more important.
In a typical scenario, Electronic Designers want to pass back comments while reviewing the design. Or, once a product has been assembled, Mechanical Engineers need to communicate an issue affecting manufacturing.
All too often, reading comments on a printout is a frustrating exercise: comments can be illegible, incomplete, or even forgotten. This can lead to a disorganized review process or, worse still, unnecessary errors creeping into designs. By incorporating markers and comments alongside the design CADSTAR can help overcome these issues, making it easy for engineers to communicate between different departments or companies.
“Redlining” is a historical term that describes the process of marking up a blueprint or a plan; but it is still as relevant as ever.

CADSTAR Redlining allows you to quickly mark-up designs during review and make it easy to communicate design issues. These markers can be added to the CADSTAR design without changing the actual PCB or Schematic.The Redlining marker is a simple item defined by a circular shape and can support the addition of descriptive text, color and line thickness.

Top features and benefits

  • Review Schematic and PCB designs
  • Improved communication of changes between electrical and mechanical design
  • View and mark-up functionality
  • Add text remarks to the original design
  • Search, jump and trace remarks
  • Active Redlining Report
  • Check/Uncheck remarks
  • Last modified indication
  • Redlining support in Variant designs
  • Tooltips


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