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CADSTAR is an established desktop PCB design solution, with many thousands of satisfied users globally. Professional, powerful, accessible and affordable, CADSTAR will meet your design requirements and budget, and is supported by experienced local resellers who provide training, support, integration and consultancy to help you maximize your return on investment. Optimized for the typical small and mid-sized design team, Zuken’s CADSTAR PCB Design software equally appeals to individual all-rounders and corporations operating across multiple sites.

Essential PCB Design for Professionals

CADSTAR is a complete design environment for PCB design – from initial concept through to product realization. With a unified suite of applications, engineers can seamlessly define, visualize, implement and verify their designs.

Schematic capture with placement and constraint planner

Constraint driven interactive and automatic PCB layout & routing

Signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


Comprehensive markup and post-processing capabilities

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CADSTAR spans schematic capture, placement, routing, library creation and management, signal integrity and EMC analysis, along with the production of manufacturing data.

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Product Features

With CADSTAR's unified suite of applications, engineers can seamlessly define, visualize, implement and verify their designs.

Schematic capture for PBC designs

CADSTAR Schematics is a highly integrated front-end solution, providing a smooth and error-free transition (forward & back annotation) between schematics and PCB, easy to learn and use for both occasional and frequent users.

PCB Design Editor

Easy to learn and fast to use, the constraint driven approach of CADSTAR PCB design layout software helps you create right-first-time PCB designs.

3D PCB Visualization and Collision Check

With its Board Modeler Lite, CADSTAR bridges the gap between electronic and mechanical design allowing PCB designers to work in a 3D environment, perform collision checks between components, boards and enclosure and make placement changes to resolve them.

Place and Route Editor

With a mix of manual, auto-interactive and automatic tools for PCB placement and routing, the CADSTAR Place and Route Editor 2000 has been optimized for performance, quality and manufacturability to meet today’s advanced technology design challenges.

High-speed design with length and delay-based routing

With its highest performing routing tool, Route Editor XR 5000HS, CADSTAR offers specific additional functionality targeted for high-speed PCB design, such as DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and PCI Express, including min/max length, skew, delay and crosstalk limits to meet tight timing and noise margins.

Design Migration

Zuken’s CADSTAR solution integrates a design migration tool within all bundles, which includes additional features to better support and exploit legacy design data. Designs can be imported from a number of third party packages, including:

  • PADS (Mentor Graphics)
  • OrCAD (Cadence)
  • PCAD/Protel/Altium Designer (Altium)

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October 04, 2018
TEWS significantly reduces development time and cost of complex high-speed PCBs using concurrent power integrity simulation.

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