CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus

CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus

The CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus is a cost-effective utility that lets you share and access CADSTAR design data very easily on any of your preferred Windows platform of choice.

Increase Project Productivity
CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus dramatically improves workgroup dynamics by increasing project productivity, either in standalone mode or when used in
conjunction in a CADSTAR design environment. CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus makes design data accessible to any user, even occasional users, with easy viewing and sharing of schematic and PCB design data.
CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus provides management, project leaders, design partners and customers with direct access to design data in order to plan projects, track and review progress.

Multi-Discipline Teamwork
CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus enables collaborative design members within the company or remotely, to share and access the data cost effectively. CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus facilitates intra and inter-discipline teamwork. Design reviews are more effective as all data can be shared consistently throughout the engineering team. Time to market is reduced as designers, manufacturing engineers, mechanical designers and purchasing agents can work concurrently right from the beginning of the PCB project.


Top feature and benefits

  • Design reviews are more effective
  • Dramatically improves workgroup dynamics
  • Design data accessible to any user
  • Share and access data cost effectively
  • Design Viewer Plus allows the creation of full manufacturing data, BOMs and custom reports

Download Datasheet

Cadstar design viewer plus datasheet