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PCB design white papersCR-8000 is the first completely new board design solution to be built from the start to incorporate all of the hardware and software advances of the last two decades.

Taking advantage of the latest hardware and software architectures, CR-8000 has been built to meet today’s and tomorrow’s design challenges. It is the only concept-to-manufacturing, native 2D and 3D, multi-board system design solution on the market.




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The Internet of Things and Modular Design

The Internet of Things and Modular DesignThis white paper covers how the shift to modular design bridges the gap between development and things, revolutionizing hardware design.

White Paper: End-to-end hardware architecture design and validation

End-to-end Hardware Architecture Design and Validation

This white paper explores the benefits of bringing all these design domains together in a single tool that enables the translation of product requirements into an initial hardware architecture, ready for detailed design.


3D multiboard design3D Convergence of Multi-board PCB and IC Packaging Design

A new generation of 3D multi-board product level design tools offers major improvements by managing multi-board placement in both 2D and 3D, and enabling co-design of the chip, package and board in a single environment.

product-centric PCB designDesigning Products, Not Just Boards - The shift to product centric design processes

This white paper explores the benefits of product-centric design and how it differs from current-generation PCB-centric processes and tools.

IP management for PCB designIntellectual Property Management Tools Help Protect Against Design Theft

This white paper looks at the extent and danger of intellectual property theft in today’s manufacturing environment, and considers how new generation ECAD software can help stem the problem.