Product Architecture Optimization & Validation

System Planner

It is the first solution in the industry to support complete upfront architecture of your electronics products.

System Planner is the starting point for concept development and design creation. Steps that were once disconnected are now intelligently brought together in one view.

Engineers and designers can flow through the design process optimizing form, fit and function of single and multi-board systems, maximizing design reuse, without reentering upfront planning data into the design tools during detailed design.

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How does it work?

In System Planner you can carry out all product planning tasks – such as BOM creation, logical function block diagrams, 2D physical and 3D geometrical planning – in one environment. This means no more jumping from one separate, non-intelligent tool (such as Excel, Visio and AutoCAD) to another.

Logical Visionary

Logical Visionary enables you to define the logical aspect of the system using functional blocks and design reuse models. The results can be directly transferred to Design Gateway, or Design Force.


Parametrical Visionary

Set your product constraints (cost, weight, availability, …)  and easily identify issues via the traffic light reporting system to ensure your planning is optimized not only for design, but also for manufacture.

System Planner: Product Architecture Optimization and Validation

Because System Planner feeds all design details into Zuken’s schematic, PCB layout, and manufacturing tools, everyone saves time and effort throughout the design process. No work in System Planner is ever thrown away or wasted.

System architects can use the planning data to initiate the detailed circuit design and board layout, and collaborate with mechanical design. System Planner also helps engage component engineering and material procurement early in the design process.