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IoT Enables Connected Design

EE Times logoUsing feedback from products in the field to continuously improve design modules used as the basis for product development can increase product performance and reliability and reduce development time.

Advanced Chip-Package-Board Co-design

Chip Scale Review logoThe proliferation of packaging designs that combine multiple chips into a single package is creating new challenges for package, printed circuit board (PCB) and integrated circuits (IC) designers.

Faster Board Speeds Demand Constraint-driven Design

Design 007 Magazine logoPCB design tools permit the definition of design constraints, including constraints relating to high-speed designs and EMC, such as topology of connectors (routing pin connectors) or overshoot and timing budgets.

Growing System Complexity Necessitates Need for Engineering Models

Printed Circuit Design & FabIn April Zuken ushered in its 2018 user conferences on Coronado Island, its only stop in North America, one of 10 globally. Zuken Innovation World included a new theater-in-the-round-style Q & A, four tracks of educational sessions — including updates on its CR-8000 PCB design software — and an informative keynote on model-based systems engineering (MBSE). Enrique Krajmalnik, chief technology officer of No Magic, enlightened conference attendees on interdisciplinary MBSE, the design and management of whole complex systems. It identifies goals and acts as the customer’s voice, he said.

Zuken Pulling Ahead in Automotive PCB Design

Design 007 Magazine logoZuken has been developing PCB design tools for the automotive market for years. With automotive electronics worth over $200 billion globally, and growing every day, Zuken is preparing for a brave new world of smart cars, and autonomous and electrical vehicles.

Zuken Inc., a Pioneer in the EDA Industry Set to Grow Globally

The WorldfolioThanks to its historical expertise in Electronic Design Automation, Zuken Inc. has been assisting global electronic manufacturers to produce next-level items since 1976. The Worldfolio speaks with Zuken COO and Representative Director Jinya Katsube.

A System of Systems Design Approach

Digital EngineeringCR-8000 moves the architecture-optimized design seamlessly into detailed design, preserving all the architectural decisions without any data re-entry. Using CR-8000’s 3D PCB design platform, the system can be implemented and verified as a multi-board system with the MCAD enclosure.

Zuken's Design Solution for Multi-board Systems

Lifecycle Insights logoZuken’s CR-8000 is one of the few suites of ECAD software that has added those new capabilities along the way.

Making Data Work

Panel Building & System Integration logoBetter use of design data can lead to right-first-time manufacturing and minimise downtime during maintenance activities. Ulrich Prottung, E3.series Product Manager with Zuken, takes a practical look at modern tool capabilities and design practices.

Performing Manufacturability Checks Early to Reduce to Market

Printed Circuit Design & FabOne of the great challenges of bringing a new electronic product to market is validating the design against the requirements of the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing process. The challenge is acute for OEMs that use boards built by different contract manufacturers using different processes, because each may have their own particular design rules.

Optimizing Component Selection by Connecting the Designer to the Supply Chain

Printed Circuit Design & FabNew tools overcome obsolete data management approaches that fail to remedy part cost and availability changes.

Is Fan-out Wafer-level Packaging Right for Your Product?

Printed Circuit Design & FabNew CAD tools feature virtual prototyping for evaluating effects of packaging architecture on functionality, cost, weight and size.

Made to Measure

Develop3D logoPCB designers and mechanical design engineers at metrology company Renishaw are able to collaborate more successfully and save time since using Zuken’s CR-8000 platform.

On the Wire

Vehicle Electronics logoReinhold Blank explains why data formats matter for cutting wiring harness costs.

Aras and Zuken Blend PLM and EDM

Design NewsIn this move toward design tool integration, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software provider Aras Corp. and EDM company Zuken have put together an integrated platform to help design engineers manage cross-discipline product development. The platform brings together electrical and electronic design data from design creation to manufacturing and makes it available to PLM users. The new solution was created to span enterprise processes across the lifecycle, as well as detailed electrical design and manufacturing.

 Getting Signal Integrity Right by Design

PCB Design 007As clock frequencies increase and active devices and interconnect traces shrink and are placed ever closer together, signal integrity (SI) becomes an increasing challenge. Today, SI is typically addressed late in the design process after the PCB layout has been completed by performing complex and time-consuming 3D extractions and simulations for high-speed lines.

Product-Centric PCB Software Updated

Desktop EngineeringCR-8000’s new concurrent multi-area PCB design capability enables engineering teams to work on and modify the same design area simultaneously. This capability, says Zuken, can reduce overall design time as well as make the best use of globally dispersed teams.

Zuken Comfortable in the Ring with EDA Heavyweights logoZuken came of Yokohama, Japan, in 1976, so that it dominates printed circuit board (PCB) design in Japan should come as no surprise. “We are the dominant PCB software tool for Japanese electronics firms and every Japanese automaker uses Zuken for wire harnesses,” said Kent McLeroth, CEO of Zuken USA, who hopes to bring the same level of success to the West.

Zuken Conference Transforms PCB Design Landscape

Printed Circuit Design & FabDuring the past 35 years, end-to-end design has been a relatively backburner topic, but Zuken has designs on making that a thing of the past.

 PCB Designers ‘Flying the Plane’

Printed Circuit Design & Fab

The future of PCB designers isn’t just on the minds of those in the trenches; it’s also becoming part of the discussion at CAD vendor user group conferences. Such was the case last week, when a major OEM picked Zuken Innovation World to focus on an important present-day industry theme: Who will replace the many designers who are nearing retirement?

Zuken: Going Meta on Automotive Design

EDACafePenny Aycinena interviews Reinhold Blank, Zuken Business Director for Automotive, about Zuken's recent acquisition of the software IP from Intedis and Zuken's activity in the Automotive market.

Interview with Zuken: Automotive, defense and aerospace, industrial and medical sectors are main targets

Semiconportal - EmergingTech from JapanKazuhiro Kariya, director and chief technology officer, is in charge of the EDA business. He discussed Zuken's current business and future plans...

Zuken moves beyond EDA tools to data management

Electronics Weekly

“We recognise we are not just selling tools, we are helping the customer to be integrated into the supply chain.” Wolfgang Heinrichs, managing director, Zuken Contact

Zuken Eyes U.S. Expansion

DE Desktop Engineering

"Zuken is focused on what it calls product-level design abstraction, where the software addresses systems planning at a holistic product level, bringing the various silos together early on in the development process with the idea of avoiding problems before the design is fully evolved."Kenneth Wong & Beth Stackpole - DE Desktop Engineering

Going Global - Zuken Expands Scope and Reach

EE Journal "Zuken is no longer content to be just 'big in Japan,' apparently. And, they're not content to be just a PCB layout player, either. The company has launched a major expansion - both geographically and technically - that warrants some re-working of our view of them."

Kevin Morris - EE Journal

Zuken to Open Silicon Valley R&D Center

Printed Circuit Design & FabNorth America has been Zuken’s fastest-growing market over the past decade, with revenue rising 165%. Automotive and military have been very successful end-markets for the CAD company of late."Mike Buetow - Printed Circuit Design & Fab