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Electronic Design

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Electrical Design

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Digital Engineering

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Track 4
August 4, 2021
08/04 - 9:00 AM CT
Opening Session
Opening Session
Opening Session
Opening Session
08/04 - 11:00 AM CT
What's New in CR-8000 2021
What's New in E3.series 2021
Where are You On A Digital Engineering Journey?
E3.series and Harness Builder Component Services: The Component Clouds
08/04 - 12:00 PM CT
Improve your products with integrated DFM checking
Latest Developments in Electrical Design Automation
Enhancing Product Delivery through Architecture-Driven Engineering
EMA3D® Cable: Electromagnetic Simulation for Structures and Complex Electrical Subsystems in Aircraft and Vehicles
08/04 - 1:00 PM CT
CR-8000 Board Level SI Simulation and What-If Analysis
What's New in Harness Builder for E3.series 2021
Building a Descriptive Architecture Model using Systems Engineering
Automating PCB Documentation for Flex and Rigid Flex Designs
August 5, 2021
08/05 - 9:00 AM CT
Unlocking Productivity Through Scripting in CR-8000
Data Management with DS-E3
What's New in GENESYS 2021
A Plan to Avoid Costly Respins
08/05 - 10:00 AM CT
Introduction to eCADSTAR
Latest Trends in Electrical Cabinet Design
Product Model Trade Studies with ModelCenter
ProjectionWorks / Zuken Integration
08/05 - 11:00 AM CT
CR-8000 Tips & Tricks
E3.series Tips & Tricks
Model-Based Engineering for Electrical Design
Smart Cabinet Building, Linking Technology and Expertise
08/05 - 1:00 PM CT
Discussion Room
Discussion Room
Discussion Room
08/05 - 1:45 PM CT
Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks

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