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June 7, 9:15 AM 

Mr. Nicolas Chaillan
Mr. Nicolas Chaillan, former Chief Software Officer of the United States Air Force and Space Force

Mr. Nicolas Chaillan, former Chief Software Officer of the United States Air Force and Space Force, will deliver the keynote address for the combined general session.

Currently serving as CTO of Prevent Breach, Mr. Chaillan will share how his team implemented agile software innovation and DevSecOps across the largest organization on the planet and how this approach was incorporated on multiple systems such as jet fighters, bombers, and even nuclear programs. Along with that change came significant benefits that he will share which include a culture shift, improved efficiency, reduced time to deployment, and billions in savings of taxpayer dollars.

June 7, 10:15 AM – All Levels

Instructor: Kazuhiro Kariya, Chief Technical Officer,  Zuken


This session will explain Zuken’s position from the view of the history of technology challenges in the past. The latest Zuken product portfolio and the direction of Zuken will be introduced. And the new challenges on going will be explained with some topics.


June 7, 11:15 AM – All Levels

Instructor: Bernd Schlenk, Product Manager E3.series

Bernd Schlenk is a Product Manager, working to define the direction of future enhancements for the E3.series. Bernd helps customers improve workflow and optimize processes by finding the right functionality from the portfolio of E3.series solutions. In his free time, he enjoys skiing, hiking, and biking in the mountains.


The 2022 version of Zuken’s E3.series design suite is packed with exciting new features and functions. The updates improve the everyday usability of the E3.series and open new ways to improve quality, productivity, and consistency.

In this class, we will showcase the latest product updates in the 2022 release. The live demonstration will highlight the new features in the core E3.series modules like E3.schematic, E3.cable, E3.panel, and E3.formboard. The update will also feature various additional tools like E3.3DTransformer, E3.ComponentCloud, E3.Smart Cabinet Building tools and more.

June 7, 1:00 PM – Intermediate

Instructor: Khang Nguyen, Solutions Architect

Khang Nguyen is an E3.series solutions architect handling pre-sales and implementation. His work primarily focuses on assisting customers in defining solutions addressing their company-specific design processes and challenges. In his spare time, Khang enjoys catching up on the latest movies, exploring different areas of a city, and learning about the latest technologies in consumer electronics.


Many teams are looking for a simple process to take a wire harness from the 3D MCAD to a formboard ready for manufacturing. In the past, the process was cumbersome, with frequent back and forth with the MCAD team for minor edits. The E3.series wire harness flattening process provides a streamlined path from 3D MCAD to a formboard.

In this class, you will learn the process of extracting a 3D MCAD harness model, flattening the harness structure to 2D, and importing the data to create a formboard drawing. During this class, we will use E3.series tools like E3.3DTransformer, E3.HarnessFlattening, and E3.formboard.

June 7, 2:00 PM – All Levels – Partner Session

Instructor: Christoph Bayer, ECAD-PORT

Christoph (41 years old) founded ECAD-PORT in 2015 to disrupt the component database business. During various E3.series implementation projects in automation and transportation companies, he gained the knowledge to define an E3.series component database standard that supports all E3.series features and is on the other hand highly automated and customizable.


A well-maintained and consistent component database is essential for supporting the automation options and features offered by E3.series as well as complementary interfaces for MCAD, PDM, PLM, ERP, and more.

This class will discuss do’s and don’ts in setting up and maintaining an enterprise component database. A live demonstration will highlight the Zuken ComponentCloud for E3.series, a complimentary central parts solution. Furthermore, an analysis of the component database and related services for usability, efficiency, and the cost-benefit ratio will be discussed.

Company: ECAD-PORT

ECAD-PORT is creating E3.series components in a fraction of the common component creation time. More than 22’000 components, supporting all E3.series features, are available instantly via download from ECAD-PORT ComponentCloud. With its 13 employees and various service suppliers, the number of components is growing fast.

June 7, 3:00 PM – All Levels

Instructor: Geoff Lydon, E3.series Solutions Manager

Geoff Lydon is the E3.series solutions manager helping customers find effective answers to their design challenges. Geoff works with customers to review existing design issues and challenges to determine the best possible solution. Geoff loves to travel and experience other cultures and lifestyles and has an extensive “bucket list” of destinations he wants to visit.


Do customer requirements and options result in unlimited configurations of the same or similar product? Does your process allow customers to select from various options to “build” their desired product? Would a design that includes all variations and options help your design and delivery process, like buying a car? For instance, consider the MINI’s; every MINI is different and built to your specifications! They may look the same, but with all the available options combinations, it’s possible that no two may be alike.

Now consider a project that includes all the possible configurations of a product. Imagine clicking a few buttons to define a ready-to-build configuration for a customer completely with the option to create configuration-specific documentation. The variants and options feature in E3.series have come a long way to provide flexible control schematics, panel layouts, harness designs, BOMs, and other reports.

In this class, you will learn to assign design elements to configurations and control schematic variation, voltage requirements, component suppliers, termination requirements, wiring requirements, panel sizing and layout, and much more. The class will also detail using Boolean operations and the inclusive and exclusive function to enable to configure option combinations.

June 7, 4:00 PM – All Levels

Instructor: Joe Richlen, DS Services and Support Manager

Joe Richlen is a manager of the DS support and services group that implements data management solutions for electronic and electrical design. His work focuses on managing, installing, and supporting customers using Zuken’s data management solutions. In his spare time, he enjoys family vacations to Disney and farm-related shows.


The variants and options feature in E3.series helps create configurable designs. Typically, the complexity of configurable designs grows with the size of the project. DS-E3 provides the tools to simplify and streamline the configuration management process.

In this class, you will learn about DS-E3’s capabilities for creating and managing variants and options. This class will provide alternative methods for importing and managing variants and options and creating configurations based on customer-specific requirements.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Importing and storing of configurations
  • Working between E3.series and DS-E3
  • Creating a catalog of variant and option selections
  • Creating variant configuration outputs

June 8, 8:00 AM


Zuken-360 is a conversation with the Zuken leadership team in a close-up and personal setting. There is no presentation or set agenda, only your questions driving the conversation. Please join us for this highly interactive and engaging session.

June 8, 9:00 AM – All Levels

Instructor: Mark Mecca, Software Developer

Mark Mecca is a software developer at Zuken USA. His role includes the design and development of extensions and add-on applications in E3.series. In addition to being a training instructor, Mark is also responsible for developing and maintaining new and existing features in various products. In his spare time, Mark is a musician and an avid golfer.


In this class, we will discuss various methods of connecting to the E3.series COM to execute scripts inside the application. We will explore the techniques of connecting to E3.series using different programming languages, including VBScript and C#. We will introduce a collection of E3.series COM objects and reveal how you can work with these objects to influence your drawings through a script. This class will also go through writing a small script and then adding it to the E3.series program for your users to run inside their project.

June 8, 10:00 AM – Intermediate

Instructor: Justin Toth, Application Engineer

Justin Toth is an applications engineer working with E3.series customers. He leverages his harness design experience in aerospace with both MCAD and ECAD tools to assist customers with their implementation needs. Outside of work, Justin enjoys spending time outside hiking and camping.


Reports are simple and effective tools to convey technical data to downstream customers. Zuken E3.ReportGenerator offers tools to simplify the report design process and create elegant report templates. The ability to batch generate helps streamline and standardize report generation.

In this class, we will walk through creating a group of standard reports such as properties, pin terminal, and bills of materials. While reviewing the creation of these reports, we will detail tasks such as extracting attribute data from project devices and effective use of groupings and filters. This class will also detail the use of simple scripts to enhance the report output. As a result, the users will gain a foundation for adapting the reports to address their reporting needs.

June 8, 11:00 AM – All Levels – Partner Session

Instructor: Brian Hale, Lockheed Martin MFC

Brian Hale is the Project Lead for the Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control Model Based Harness Project. This project encompassed all areas of harness design from; Systems Engineering, System-Level Electrical Interconnect Design, ECAD – MCAD collaboration, Automated Manufacturing, and Design Data Configuration Control to fully realize a complete Digital Thread.
Brian has spent a combined 14 years in the aerospace industry designing and manufacturing harnesses. Brian has a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.


The Digital Transformation of the common product design processes at Lockheed Martin is critical to meeting the rapidly evolving needs of Lockheed Martin’s customers.

In this talk, I will cover three aspects of our Digital Transformation journey:

(1) A review of traditionally disconnected disciplines and tools required for a complete product design process.
(2) A description of Zuken and Lockheed Martin’s collaboration to shape MFC’s Digital Thread for Model-Based Harness design.
(3) A showing of detailed examples of reduced-documentation workflows, demonstrating their benefits to producers and consumers of design and manufacturing content.

Zuken has been a strong partner in realizing Lockheed Martin’s Digital Transformation vision for Model-Based Harness product design. And continues to help us as we develop our digital thread.

Company: Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is an American defense and aerospace contractor. It is one of the largest contractors for the US Department of Defense. In 2020, it generated $60 billion USD in revenue and employed over 100,000 people.

June 8, 12:45 PM – All Levels

Instructor: Maria Anima, E3.series Applications Engineer

Maria Anima is an E3.series applications engineer with Zuken USA. Her focus is in pre-sales, implementation, and custom training. Outside of work Maria balances her energy with running, cycling, and creating new recipes combining different cuisines.


E3.series offers a grand variety of functions to increase your productivity. We have presented dynamic tips and tricks to simplify your design process in the past years.

In this class, let’s revisit and reenergize those amazing tips you might have missed. We’ll also explore additional exciting functionality and innovative tricks to help you be productive quicker. We encourage you to bring your enthusiasm, energy, and a ‘Tip’ or ‘Trick’ to share with us.

June 9, 9:00 AM (90 Minutes) – All Levels

Instructor: Laura Mirto, Applications Engineer

Laura Mirto is an E3.series support applications engineer. Her main roles are to assist customers with issues and questions they have on E3.series, to help new customers get set up, and provide software training. Outside of work she enjoys crafting in her free time and hiking.


In this class, we will review E3.series database tips and tricks on library management and object creation. Creating a library of parts and symbols is an essential part of E3.series. The foundation of every project starts with having the objects in your library. These tips and tricks will help you become more efficient in managing your library. We will look at ways to save time and manual effort. Also, some hacks that the Zuken staff leverages while working in the Database Editor. This class will be beneficial to users who are or plan to be librarians of the E3.series database.

June 9, 10:45 AM (90 Minutes) – Beginner

Instructor: Chris Robles, DS-E3 Application Engineer

Chris Robles is a DS-E3 applications engineer, helping customers find effective data management solutions for their designs. His work focuses on POC test environments, user guides, and helping customers meet their timelines. He loves to wrench on cars in his spare time, travel to new places to try new cuisines, and hit a few golf balls at the range.


Engineering Data Management (EDM) systems resolve many challenges for both managers and designers. The understated benefits for designers are the leading cause of the misconception that EDM systems predominantly cater to management challenges. DS-E3 helps simplify and streamline the day-to-day activities of designers.

In this class, you will learn to simplify and streamline your day-to-day activities using the key capabilities of DS-E3. The class will showcase the benefits from features like engineering desktop, favorite area, document generation, variants & options, modules, and the PDM connect add-on.

The user story is a critical part of the DS-E3 community. In what ways have you made your DS-E3 environment work better? Join us to learn about our findings on best practices and contribute any new process that you have configured to work in your DS-E3 data management system. If you are new to DS-E3, see what you are missing!

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