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August 4, 9:00 AM CT


Kent McLeroth, President and CEO, Zuken USA
Bob Potock, Vice President of Marketing, Zuken USA
David Long, President, Vitech Corporation
Kazuhiro Kariya, Chief Technology Officer, Zuken


Please join us for the opening session of Zuken Innovation World 2021 Digital Edition. After a short welcome and introduction, CEOs of Zuken USA and Vitech Corporation will deliver their executive briefings highlighting current initiatives and plans for the coming year. The opening session will continue with Zuken’s CTO, taking participants through our innovative development strategy and our plans to meet customers’ technological needs well into the future.

August 4, 11:00 AM CT

Presenter: Geo Ng, Zuken USA

Geo Ng is an Application Engineer for E3.series, helping implement Zuken solutions that address companies’ electrical design challenges. His work focuses on assessing customer needs, educating new users, and improving engineering processes. Geo is a diehard basketball fan and burgeoning board game geek.


Zuken’s E3.series design suite powers design-to-manufacturing processes of electrical, fluid, wire harness, and cabinet design teams around the globe. Based on customer feedback, our developers, product managers, and supporting staff pool their technological expertise to focus on improving the value that E3.series brings to the engineering community. These updates are designed with customers’ needs in mind to aid and improve design quality, accuracy, and productivity.

In this session, we will review the latest product updates in the 2021 release. There is something for everyone, including key enhancements for usability, automation, and cross-platform integration.

What Will You Learn

• Work faster with ease-of-use updates.
• Reduce errors with new automated checks.
• Expand cross-functional collaboration with enhanced add-on tools. . . and more!

August 4, 12:00 PM CT

Presenter: Paul Harvell, Zuken USA

Paul Harvell is the Product Director of E³.series. With more than 25 years of experience architecting, demonstrating, training and implementing electrical design application solutions, including invention of Harness Builder for E³.series, he knows what customers need and how to help them. He spends time away from work following “real football” and using the “Untapped” app as his recreational compass.


Design teams face complex challenges streamlining their design and manufacturing process while managing a distributed workforce. Zuken has developed the next generation of tools complementary to the E3.series application, which targets customers’ most pressing challenges. This session will showcase a modern cloud-based version control and project management solution for E3.series files. We will also introduce the latest technology to connect detailed design to model-based systems engineering with E3.GENESYS Connector. Additionally, the participants will preview the new E3.series plug-in tool for connecting cabinet manufacturing and assembly processes with engineering. Lastly, the session will review the latest updates in Harness Builder for E3.series.

What Will You Learn

• Cloud-based project and version management for E3.series.
• What is E3.series GENESYS Connector.
• New E3.series plug-in tool for cabinet manufacturing.
• What’s new in Harness Builder for E3.series.

August 4, 1:00 PM CT

Presenter: Jon Dermont, Zuken USA

Jon Dermont is a Technical Account Manager with Zuken USA. He works with E3.series, specializing in harness design and manufacturing. Jon helps customers understand how the tools work to maximize the value of their investment. In his spare time he enjoys making music and PC gaming.


Harness Builder for E3.series is a powerful and easy-to-use add-on application plugging into Zuken’s industry-proven E3.series toolset. Specifically created for harness manufacturers, it excels at capturing and improving almost all aspects of the quote-design-manufacture process. It produces a synchronized BOM, harness drawings, and wire lists all in one sheet. Building on the fundamentals, The 2021 release introduces many new features to further improve time savings, increase design accuracy, and improve cost estimation.

This session will introduce the new features and summarize the most important existing functions in the tool. We will cover features such as automatic label placement, sheet tolerancing, dash number generations, work instruction, and more.

What Will You Learn

• Managing and generating dash numbers using the dash number table.
• Managing cable tolerances with the sheet tolerancing options.
• Using work instructions output to generate manufacturing instructions.
• Automating label placement and more.

August 5, 9:00 AM CT

Presenter: Chris Robles, Zuken USA

Chris Robles is a DS-E3 Application Engineer, helping customers find effective data management solutions for their designs. His work focuses on POC test environments, user guides, and helping customers meet their timelines. He loves to wrench on cars in his spare time, travel to new places to try new cuisine, and hit a few golf balls at the range.


Complex designs need a collaborative design environment to overcome challenges. However, a collaborative environment often presents its own set of challenges:

• Defining process workflow to manage design and library data.
• Streamlining access control, versioning, and revision management.
• Enabling data modularizations to promote design reuse.

DS-E3 is a Work-In-Process (WIP) data management solution fully integrated with E3.series to resolve these challenges and improve the overall design process.
In this session, participants will uncover easy-to-use modular design reuse, project access control, and WIP data management options in DS-E3. This session will also discuss connecting and sharing design data with PLM systems.

What Will You Learn

• Automating versioning, backups, and change management
• Easily managing release (lock) of cables and wire harnesses.
• How to simplify module creation and reuse.

August 5, 10:00 AM CT

Presenter: Sanu Warrier, Zuken USA

Sanu Warrier is a Technical Marketing Manager, helping customers find effective solutions to their design challenges. His work focuses on eliminating inefficiencies, improving design processes, and reducing costs to improve competitive advantages. He is a self-professed foodie and loves to dabble in gastronomic alchemy as often as possible.


Electrical panels, a.k.a cabinets, are the nerve centers of modern power and automation systems across industries. The size and complexity of the control system is the primary driver of the panel design. Consequently, as automation requirements grow larger and more complex, so does the design challenge.
The next-generation control system must be logically and functionally compatible and meet the form and fit requirements for manufacturing the first time around.

In this session, participants will learn the most effective solutions for cabinet design, assembly, and manufacturing challenges while being introduced to new E3.panel features in E3.series 2021. Additionally, the session will explore groundbreaking design-driven manufacturing solutions and tools to effectively use design-for-manufacturing principles.

What Will You Learn

• The latest features in E3.panel for advanced cabinet design.
• The latest improvements in E3.series library to simplify the design process.
• How to effectively capture manufacturing information in the design process.
• How to communicate design intent to improve assembly and manufacturing.

August 5, 11:00 AM CT

Presenter: Laura Mirto, Zuken USA

Laura Mirto is an E3.series Support Application Engineer. Her main roles are to assist customers with issues and questions they have on E3.series, to help new customers get set up, and provide software training. Outside of work she enjoys crafting in her free time. Her newest crafting hobby is crochet.


It is always exciting to find a great trick to speed up a process or even fundamentally change the process for the better. Not surprisingly, the tips and tricks sessions are top-ranked at every ZIW conference. Imagine the productivity gains and efficiency boosts you’ll enjoy by discovering new tips and tricks regularly all year long.

In this session, participants will get a closer look at leveraging the vast E3.series knowledge base, accessing on-demand e-training, and requesting ‘How-to’ knowledge base content. . . all while learning some of the most interesting and little-known E3.series tips and tricks to add to your toolkit.

What Will You Learn

• New E3.series tips and tricks.
• What’s new with the Zuken Americas Community.
• How to navigate the new on-demand e-Training content.

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