Building an Open Digital Thread – On-Demand


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How you maintain data consistency and share it across a federated set of digital engineering, design, and program management tools to reduce errors and development time and make better decisions via access to a complete data set and contextual information has become increasingly complex. The Open Digital Thread concept offers a practical approach to building an ASSOT (authoritative single source of truth) out of a heterogeneous set of engineering models.
Zuken, Vitech, and Intercax are partnering to show how tools such as GENESYS, DS-E3, and DS-CR can be integrated into the Syndeia digital thread platform. Users can access the contents of these repositories, create a network of relations with ALM, PLM, and other engineering repositories, and transform, analyze and report data through best-in-class data science and business analytics platforms.

This webinar will introduce the Open Digital Thread vision and describe its most important characteristics. We will demonstrate early examples of the range of use cases supported by an Open Digital Thread.