Simplify MCAD Integration


Native MCAD Data Transformation

​ Revolutionizing ECAD to MCAD Collaboration​

E3.3DTransformer improves the MCAD collaboration process for ECAD and MCAD teams. It is a single tool supporting a wide variety of file formats to revolutionize the transformation of 3D MCAD data into a comprehensive E/E topology model. 

The support of native files from leading MCAD platforms and standard industry formats eliminates the need for time-consuming back and forth between ECAD and MCAD teams. 

Key Capabilities​

E3.3DTransformer Outperforms other MCAD plugins by going beyond transferring the MCAD data. The supercharged transformation enables automated model extraction, design checks, and intelligent data repair capabilities in a single package.

75% faster than other MCAD plugins and processes

No need for back and forth with the MCAD team for small repairs

Configurable rules-based component

Support native and standard industry 3D data formats​

Supported Application and Formats

The supported data formats enable E3.3DTransformer to connect with leading MCAD platforms
  • Catia
  • NX
  • Creo
  • SolidWorks
  • SolidEdge
  • Inventor

The extracted data is available in 

  • 3D Topology data KBL – 2D and 3D Cable and Harness data exchange format
  • VEC – 3D Topology Data (Vehicle Electrical Container) 
  • Standard E3.series format​​

3D Transformer

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