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Is Cloud Vault for E3.series right for you?


Is managing storage, versions, revisions, and project access part of the IT or engineering domain? The perfect answer is neither; it is a collaboration between IT and engineering. Often, the answer to the question defines the tools available to the engineering design team. The solutions range from complex PLM and PDM options to manual file management. Organizing files and project information is vital for long-term success. Yet, the answer must be proportional to the problem. Cloud Vault for E3.series is Zuken’s response to a demand for a modern and straightforward data management tool.

What is Cloud Vault for E3.series?

Cloud Vault for E3.series is a plug-in to manage versions, revisions, access control, and storage for E3.series projects. It connects to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to securely store and manage projects in the cloud. The built-in version management and access control options manage all standard E3.series projects with ease. Using the latest in cloud computing technology and services, it manages E3.series projects without the overhead cost of a traditional in-house IT infrastructure. Moreover, it works with all E3.series design modules like E3.schematic, E3.cable, E3.panel, E3.formboard, and more with single-user licensing. Additionally, it supports specialized modules such as Harness Builder for E3.series.


Why create Cloud Vault for E3.series?

The prime directive for most data management solutions is to solve complex problems involving multiple moving parts and cross-functional teams. PDM systems care more about completed files than work-in-progress (WIP) data from various disciplines. Therefore, dedicated WIP solutions like Zuken’s DS-E3 manage the data independently or with the PDM solutions. However, there is a gap in the solution landscape for teams needing a low overhead solution for basic project version and file management. Moreover, the lack of a viable solution forces teams to use manual file management options.

Cloud Vault for E3.series addresses this gap. In other words, the demand for a modern, simple, and easy-to-use solution to manage electrical design led to the creation of Cloud Vault for E3.series. The resultant low-overhead solution empowers teams of all sizes to utilize the power and security of cloud data to manage their E3.series projects.

Simplify Cloud File Folder

What challenges does Cloud Vault for E3.series resolve?

Cloud Vault for E3.series excels at resolving the most common data management challenges for design teams working with E3.series. The highest impact is towards resolving the following challenges:

  • Usability and secure storage
  • Revision control and version management
  • Individual and group access control
  • Manual drawing updates and releases

Usability and secure storage

The modern cloud storage options are fast, secure, and expandable to provide the greatest flexibility. Surprisingly, they are cost-effective as well. Cloud Vault for E3.series supports two commercial cloud services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The customer has full ownership and control over the service provider, data, and the cloud platform’s performance. During application set-up, the administrator provides the cloud service details. The application stores the projects in the configured location using the credentials set up by the administrator.

AWS and Azure

The application has two interfaces to improve usability. Firstly, a desktop application with access to help and support through the Zuken community. The user permissions drive the UI of the desktop application. Secondly, the plug-in works directly inside the E3.series application to control the project. The plug-in enforces the use of the vault, automatically eliminating stray copies of projects.

Revision control and version management

The built-in revision control and version management features create a seamless user experience. Each ‘save’ operation creates iterations and eliminates the need to keep track of the latest project. Users avoid the painstaking process of renaming the files with dates and times for tracking. The check-in and check-out operations control the entire project, thus removing the possibility of users overwriting work-in-progress items. Furthermore, the settings store the active version numbering sequence to maintain a standard scheme across projects. Moreover, the check-in process invites the users to add comments for reference before saving the new version project.

Cloud Vault project access

Individual and group access control

The easy-to-use administrative options in Cloud Vault for E3.series simplify the access control process for the entire team:

  1. Assigning users to groups controls project visibility for multiple users at once.
  2. The modern layout offers quick options for managing user access and permissions for E3.series projects.
  3. Assigning access levels such as read, write, create, view, and delete configures each user and their role.

Consequently, users only see projects available to their groups and are limited by their access levels.

Manage users in Cloud Vault for E3.series

Manual drawing updates and releases

Tracking changes across versions is an essential part of the data management process. The On-demand version comparison in Cloud Vault for E3.series compares and reports changes between any two published project versions. The built-in automatic update feature also keeps the drawing title block up-to-date with project revision numbers and descriptions. Therefore, eliminating the need for manual updates on multiple drawing pages.

Furthermore, the release process automatically creates PDFs to save time and improve communication. The application creates a PDF for each new revision and version. Additionally, the built-in PDF viewer in the desktop application provides quick access to the project information within the application.

Compare version in Cloud Vault for E3.series

Is Cloud Vault for E3.series right for you?

In conclusion, Cloud Vault for E3.series is a good option for most E3.series users working with the standard single-user version of E3.series. A great choice if you need a simple and easy-to-use application. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice if the requirements are for simple revision, version, and access control. Most importantly, it is the best choice to introduce cloud storage to the design process.

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