Engineering Data Management

Manage design data and workflow

Zuken has challenged the assumption that it makes sense to hold all the interdisciplinary data and workflow information in one system. By managing work-in-progress data and workflow information within a discipline-specific environment, we streamline data and workflow management, providing the missing link that PLM, ERP and other systems need in order to run efficiently.

Why manage data in its own engineering domain?

In Zuken’s approach, work-in-progress data is managed within the respective engineering discipline, then synchronized with cross-discipline PLM and ERP systems. Known as ‘domain data management’, this approach combats one of the main reasons PLM and other systems fail to integrate completely, take longer, and cost more than expected: diverse data formats.

Because PLM systems have their roots in mechanical engineering, data formats and methods for electrical and electronics engineering are not fully supported. This makes managing, tracking and integrating multidisciplinary work-in-progress data extremely difficult.


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Report: Design Data Management in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Zuken teamed up with leading German research and analyst firm techconsult to conduct a study about the challenges faced by technologically advanced industries such as mechanical and plant engineering, transportation (including aerospace), electrical engineering and electronics. Key results include:

  • 52% cited growing product complexity as their greatest challenge.
  • 39% need to better coordinate mechanical and electronic engineering activities.
  • 52% have doubts about the suitability of current PLM environments for their specific requirements.




A proven history of data management

DS-2Zuken’s DS-2 is a mature, cross-disciplinary engineering data management platform developed in partnership with more than 3,000 leading companies worldwide. DS-2 has evolved from an electronics data management product into a technology platform capable of managing electronics design data from CR-8000 (using DS-CR) and electrical data from E3.series (using DS-E3) embedded into their respective ECAD environments.


PCB Data and Workflow Management

Manage electronic data and workflow in its native format, then synchronize with cross-discipline PLM and ERP systems.


Electrical Data and Workflow Management

Manage electrical data and workflow in its native format, then synchronize with cross-discipline PLM and ERP systems.