Pre-configured Solutions

CADSTAR is offered in a range of pre-configured Schematic and PCB design products that cover all of your needs and requirements. All bundles are fully maintained and supported around the clock via the Zuken support web site and backed up by local distribution partners.

CADSTAR Products

Professional 3D

Advanced, high-speed

Basic 3D



PCB Design Editor
2,000 Pins
3D PCB visualization and collision check (Board Modeler Lite)
IDF 3D-MCAD/ECAD Interface
Variant Manager
EMC Adviser
Length and delay-based routing (P.R.Editor XR5000 HS)
Constraint Browser
Place & Route Editor
6 layers
4 layers

CADSTAR Professional

CADSTAR Professional is Zuken’s integrated schematic and PCB design solution for High Density Interconnect (HDI) and high-speed layout, with advanced layout capabilities that enable the design engineer to quickly and effectively realize design intent.

Download CADSTAR Professional Datasheet


CADSTAR Basic builds on all of the features available in CADSTAR Lite and expands it to include Place and Route Editor XR2000 L6. This powerful routing toolset allows for the placement and routing of PCB designs for up to 6 layer boards, with unlimited pins.

Download CADSTAR Basic Datasheet


CADSTAR Lite is Zuken’s affordable, but limited entry-level, integrated schematic and PCB design solution. CADSTAR Lite is limited to PCB designs of 4 layers and 2000 pins.

Download CADSTAR Lite Datasheet

Optional products for all configurations

Signal Integrity

CADSTAR SI Verify offers a complete concurrent and post-layout signal integrity solution that enables engineers, layout designers and specialists within a development team to collaborate, organize, constrain, and verify their design in a seamless process. This helps them work more effectively, minimize costs, and improve overall time to market.

Download Signal Integrity Datasheet


Autorouting Advisor
The Dragon Routing Platform has access to all of the routing tools available in the P.R.Editor application. The tool required in order to complete a step in the strategy will be automatically selected and will be transparent to the user.

Download CADSTAR Dragon Router Datasheet


Schematics (additional seats)
CADSTAR Schematics is a highly integrated front-end solution, providing a smooth and error-free transition (forward & back annotation) between schematics and PCB, easy to learn and use for both occasional and frequent users that provides a fast and efficient way of capturing electronic design intent, rules and constraints for smooth and error-free transition to PCB layout.

Download CADSTAR Schematics


Placement Planner
CADSTAR Placement Planner enables the engineer to engage the placement process during logical circuit design. As an add-on to CADSTAR Schematics, Placement Planner is intended to help electronic engineers communicate their intent and provide guidance to the PCB designer more effectively.

Download Placement Planner Datasheet


Power Integrity
CADSTAR Power Integrity Advance provides fast and practical power integrity and electromagnetic interference analysis within the CADSTAR PCB design flow, offering EMI, AC and DC power analysis to help you determine the best decoupling and power distribution strategy for your layout.

Download Power Integrity Datasheet


Design ViewerPlus
CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus allows the creation of full manufacturing data, BOMs and custom reports. The snap and measure tool enables accurate design data verification. CADSTAR Design Viewer has various output types: Gerber, Excellon, Seib & Meyer, IPCD356 etc.

Download CADSTAR Design ViewerPlus Datasheet


CADSTAR Redlining allows you to quickly mark-up designs during review and make it easy to communicate design issues.

Download CADSTAR Redlining Datasheet


MRP Link
MRP-Link*, the component list and BOM management system, comprises several powerful CAD manufacturer-neutral modules. An SQL database is used as the central element that ensures maximum flexibility for optimised and rapid integration into ERP/PLM systems.

Top features and benefits

  • Automatic bi-directional synchronisation minimises errors when creating designs
  • The availability of alternative and preferred components safeguards the use of the best components from both a technical and commercial point of view
  • The ongoing creation of BOM’s facilitates realistic costing with scenario analyses
  • The integration of non-electrical components during BOM creation facilitates parallel planning for all components.

CADSTAR goes 3D with CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite

Working on high density projects with tight form-fitting enclosures? Do you set oversized component placement outlines during placement in the hope of avoiding assembly issues? Discover how by using CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite and its true 3D models you can get a true 3D perspective on your design, running collision checks with your data.


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