CR-5000 High-Speed & Signal Integrity Basics




Cover High-Speed & Signal Integrity Basics

Topics Covered

The “High Speed+Signal Integrity Basics” interactive course will cover the topics below – in theory and in practical sessions:

Basics of Transmission Line Theory:

  • Lossy and lossless transmission lines, equivalent circuits
  • Impedance and propagation delay of printed circuit board traces
  • The design of printed circuit traces
  • Impact of the layer stackup
  • Single ended and differential transmission lines
  • Impedance control

Refection and Ringing:

  • Definition of Refection and Ringing
  • How rise time and interconnect length affect ringing and signal distortion
  • Impedance matching and ringing


  • Crosstalk causes, capacitive and inductive coupling
  • Forward versus backward Crosstalk
  • Crosstalk in differential high-speed signaling
  • Crosstalk reduction methods

Termination Schemes

  • Concepts of Trace Termination
  • Transmission Line Effects of Termination
  • Different Termination Methodologies and their implementation




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