CADSTAR PR Editor XR 2000


Working experience with PCBs is essential.


This course has been designed to enhance routing productivity, develop existing skills and to encourage the use of interactive routing techniques.

Topics covered

  • System Overview, menus and toolbar options
  • Manual routing int he PR Editor application, and routability analysis
  • Interactive autorouting, harnessing the power of the tool
  • Auto routing strategies, push n shove, rip up and retry
  • Routing algorithms memory route, river route, bus route, freehand route, multi pass and smoothing
  • Copy and paste routing groups
  • Creating and saving component footprints for optimal routing of dense designs
  • Automatic testpoint generator
  • Shape creation for templates, keep outs and copper pour
  • Study all of the report outputs available
  • Use CADSTAR PCB attributes such as net_via, net_testpoint, pin_routing, net and spacing classes

Course Length: 2 days


For those users who are new to PR Editor.



Quadra Solutions Training Centre, Dalton Court, Commercial Road, Darwen, Lancashire,

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