E³.Variants / Options

Creating and managing variants and options


This course is designed for employees, who create and manage circuit diagrams, cabling plans or fluid-technical plans.


  • Knowledge of the operating system
  • E3.schematic – Creating Circuit Diagrams with E3.series
  • E3.cable Training – Cabling Documentation with E3.series


To create and manage schematics, cabling and hydraulic plans, which can be used to produce one or more “end products”


  • Terminology
  • Creating Structures
  • Assigning Objects
  • Standard / Enhanced Modes
  • Boolean Operators with Variants and Options
  • Variants with Attributes
  • Variants with Instances
  • Aliases
  • Defining Packages and Configurations
  • Option Combinations
  • Cable Harness Derivatives
  • Settings for Variants and Options
  • Variant/Option Window - Structure Export/Import

Length of Training

1 day