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  • Webinar
August 18, 2021
IC Power Module Design with CR-8000 Design Force

The typical design flow for a power module is in MCAD, where only structural analysis is possible. Moving to a new design flow using CR-8000 Design Force also allows for electrical analysis too. This webinar will demonstrate the features and benefits of this new design flow.

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  • Press Release
July 07, 2021
Zuken’s CR-8000 2021 Advances Early Design Analysis and Reuse Functionality

CR-8000 advances system-level PCB design with significant enhancements in analog simulation, SI analysis, and intelligent layout and routing

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  • Press Release
June 16, 2020
CR-8000 2020

Key development themes for CR-8000 2020 are superior design efficiency, comprehensive system-level design and verification, and support for the latest advancements in packaging technology.

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FPGA optimization, skew group routing, back-drilled vias, electro-mechanical co-design,flex-rigid PCBs, multi-domain analysis, tile bump, 3D wire desi...
  • Webinar
November 28, 2018
I/O Optimization with 3D SoC, SiP, and PCB co-design
Webinar, Chip-Package-Board Co-Design, Design Force, Design Force Advanced Packaging
  • White Paper
October 20, 2018
3D Convergence of Multi-board PCB and IC Packaging Design
White Paper, Design Force, Chip-Package-Board Co-Design, Design Force Advanced Packaging
Combine chips and boards in new configurations
  • Press Release
July 11, 2018
CR-8000 2018 Boosts Process Efficiency
Press Release, Design Gateway, Design Force, Chip-Package-Board Co-Design, DFM Center