CADSTAR Rules-by-Area

CADSTAR Rules-by-Area

Today’s products require more functionality in ever reducing spaces, resulting in the need to achieve increasing density of the placement of components on a PCB. Additionally many circuit boards are being designed with a mix of digital and analogue circuits, each requiring the use of different rules and constraints when routing.

With the reduction in size, the pin pitch of the component compounds the complexity and difficulty of the design, resulting in a design where manual alterations must be done, for example, to connect component pads to routes.
There are different methods to solving these problems, ranging from using higher layer-count boards and thinner track widths and spacing, to using the option of blind- and buried-via technology depending on the design
requirements. Increasingly, the designer is having to use a mixture of these solutions on the same board. This causes the frustrating problem that the design rules that are acceptable for a major part of the board design, cannot be used in other areas of the design.

Top features and benefits

  • benefits you when you are forced to compromise your design rules when using BGAs
  • helps you when yield is a problem in the design of fine-pitch devices
  • incorporate overlapping areas that can be any shape into your designs
  • lets you copy areas, while also obtaining and copying the associated technology restriction rules



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