With the advent of more stringent electro-magnetic compatibility regulations, EMC performance is becoming critical to those companies moving into highspeed board design. As a result both circuit designers and design engineers need to manage the problems of EMC.
Many EMC issues are caused by defects on the board layout that are avoidable if they are detected in time. Identifying potential problems at the earliest stage possible minimizes the effects of design changes, reduces the overall development cost, and speeds up the design cycle. With the CADSTAR EMC Adviser, Zuken is meeting the requirement for improved EMC compliance of PCBs.

The CADSTAR EMC Adviser helps designers – EMC specialists and non-specialists alike – to predict, analyze and control design issues that may cause EMC/EMI problems. It is a very flexible and comprehensive rules-based EMC analysis system. Ultimately it gives PCB designers full and easy control over various types of design constraints that effect overall electromagnetic compliance of boards.

Top features and benefits

  • Reduces amount of time in design review that is traditionally spent on EMC
  • Based on well understood design rules
  • Fast
  • Simple guidance to correct problems
  • Fully integrated into CADSTAR

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