CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite

Bridging MCAD to ECAD Board Modeler Lite

Board Modeler Lite bridges the process between the MCAD and the ECAD design flow by offering a common platform to communicate between the two disciplines. A common practice today is to exchange intermediate files between MCAD and ECAD without control and verification of information. This process can be error-prone and costly during the product design cycle. With Board Modeler Lite, design teams can work together by exchanging comprehensive file formats or work directly with the design data to maintain all electrical objects within a design. With the options to conduct 3D collision checks and measurements, you can streamline your process by correcting any issues and back-annotating the change to both MCAD and CADSTAR seamlessly.

Top features and benefits

  • Complete 3D electromechanical design review and verification environment to improve your process between electrical and mechanical design
  • Direct interface to CADSTAR
  • Reduce modeling efforts with the 3D Model Wizard for parametric part creation and reuse in MCAD systems
  • Online or batch collision checks between components, boards, and enclosures to reduce design iterations for mechanical and electrical design
  • Accurate surface collision highlighting optimizes placement of components
  • Early detection of layer classification issues between mechanical and electrical data exchange to improve design cycle times
  • Analyze with real electrical objects such as traces and conductive areas for accurate measurement and verification
  • Improved data exchange process between mechanical and electrical design using STEP/SAT/IDF

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