Advanced IC Packaging

++Advanced IC PackagingCR-8000 Design Force offers an intuitive, integrated environment for designing single and multi-die packages for wire-bond, flip-chip, and high density advanced packaging or printed circuit board (PCB). Designers can start designs with instant input of chip and package structures from the library, reuse data from IC layout tools, and take advantage of parametric wizards to streamline the creation of the system. Design Force includes support of 2D- and 3D-based design and manufacturing rules to ensure your package is designed right-the-first-time. With the native 3D platform of Design Force, designers can easily implement and manage dense interconnects for wire bond or flip chip packages, and incorporate advanced embedded component technology for advanced packaging and module design.


  • ++Adanced Packaging DesignUnified environment to handle any packaging technologies, including chip scale packaging (CSP), multi-chip modules (MCMs), and system-in-package SiP
  • Parametric wizards for chip and package structures reduces time and effort for implementing complex package designs
  • Automatic ball assignment with the ability to optimize complex routing solutions.
  • Conduct feasibility studies and shorten design implementation with advanced fan-out/fan-in and autorouting features to optimize package layer count
  • Native 3D environment enables true rules-driven approach to ensure designs are implemented and verified accurately
  • Hierarchical database allows users to conduct co-design with ICs and PCBs in one environment to realize the latest technologies, such as 2.5/3D IC design

++SiPFor advanced packaging designs, Design Force includes an array of utilities and wizards to accurately define wire-bond profiles, bond pad placement, multi-die or bond-pad connections, managing the stacking of ICs with online design and manufacturing rule checks. Designers can leverage the many interactive and automatic routing tools to reduce effort conducting fan-in/fan-out routing, automatic ball assignments on the package, and routing of the complete package. Design teams can also access embedded signal and power integrity, along with support for interfaces with best-in-class simulation, and analysis tools from Ansys, Keysight, National Instruments, CST and Synopsys.

++Design Force SiPDesign Force eases the design and management of complex, system-level electronic designs. It has the ability to hierarchically construct package design with chip and PCB to offer designers improved system performance at the lowest cost through I/O optimization in one environment. The unique system-level capabilities of Design Force enable design teams to conduct path finding and feasibility studies earlier in the design process by creating or reusing design data, or through approximate models. With a true co-design platform, designers can conduct rapid and accurate exploration of the true interconnect structure, carry out concurrent signal and power integrity analysis, or interface to best-in-class tools.

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