Lightning P.R.Editor

Lightning P.R.Editor (Place and Route) is a powerful combined placement and routing tool that is optimized for speed and accuracy to overcome dense PCB design challenges:

  • Combine your creative skills with the power of intelligent automation by significantly cutting layout and routing times through the reduction in design iterations now possible using a 'right-the-first-time' approach.
  • Lightning P.R.Editor gives you a complete high-speed design environment with constraint management, enabling the input and verification of constraints. This is supported with a range of special innovative algorithms, such as automatic copper re-pour, river routing, trunk routing, memory routing, freehand routing, angle-free routing and pull-tight. Fan-out and fan-in footprint patterns can also be created, stored and reused.

Trunk Routing

The Trunk routing solution addresses issues associated with handling different bus routes collectively as on entity:

  • Allowing you to quickly sketch routes - facilitating fast up-front planning and manipulation of a collection of signals as a one group.


With a single click, a true 45-degree routing algorithm is activated:

  • The route is effortlessly guided by you, through even the densest areas of design.

Split Power and Ground Planes - Push-Aside and Spring-Back Technique

Lightning P.R.EditorAdvanced interactive placement tools including component push-aside and spring-back functions, and optimum and legal position indicators provide:

  • The ultimate control over component placement.


When a “no-probe” point is detected or designated, you can insert a new landing site using the push –aside technology.

  • The intelligent test-point report will let you control the type of test points, either by automatically or manually routing.