CR-5000 Board Designer Add-On Tools

A range of add-on modules for CR-5000 Board Designer are available, including:


Quick Thermal

CR-5000 Board Designer Add-On Tools - SCREENSHOTOperating in real time as components are moved, this tool generates a temperature map display. Detailed analysis parameters for thermal conductivity calculation, temperature map accuracy, etc. can be specified.

Advanced Floor Planning and Routing

State-of-the-art floor planning is provided by CR-5000 Lightning Floorplan. Lightning is built upon five key concepts, combining unique technology for effective handling of complex design information, constraint and analysis engine unification, process orientation and frontloaded verification. It supports trade-off analysis from the circuit design stage, enabling design experimentation with full visibility of the impact on PCB layout and placement, and the effects on circuit electrical characteristics, plus full auto or interactive routing.

Package Predictor

Package Predictor calculates the optimum die placement origin regardless of where the original was placed in the IC design tool. Once inside the system you can perform a number of helpful tasks to optimize net and die pad placement to ensure conductor escape. IC pin swaps that have been created can be back-annotated to the IC design tool for quick silicon updates. If changes to the die have been made, the changes can easily be reflected back into the design with net and bond wire updates ensuring accuracy and package reuse.

Package Synthesizer

Package Synthesizer offers an intuitive, integrated environment for designing single, multi-, and stacked die packages for BGA, CSP, flipchip, as well as high density, advanced technology PCBs. It provides correct-by-design methodology, free-angle autorouting, including package-specific algorithms, design technology rules kits for build-up via structures, 3D design rules constraints (DRC) which adhere to manufacturing processes, constraint-driven, parametric bond shell generator, real time analysis and integration to 3rd party parasitic extraction and simulation tools (Ansoft TPA and HFSS products), and 3D interactive viewing.