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CR-5000 ADM Rules: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - ScreenshotADM / DFM Center - ADM

Enables embedded, vendor-driven manufacturing rule checks during board layout. With ADM, designers can identify and address critical manufacturing issues early in the design process and reduce costly iterations with board manufacturers.

Board Designer

CR-5000: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - Board Designer - Screenshot

CR-5000 Board Designer provides an intuitive, integrated environment for designing PCBs, and IC packages. It guides the user, via a common user interface, from schematic design through floorplanning, placement and routing, analysis and into manufacturing. Rules are constant throughout the design process and can be managed at any stage of the design process to ensure flexibility and consistency.


Board Designer - Additional Tools

CR-5000 Board Designer Add-On Tools - SCREENSHOTBoard Designer supports a range of add-on modules including: thermal analysis, using Quick Thermal; advanced floor planning and routing, using Lightning; calculation of optimum die placement, using Package Predictor; and correct by design packaging, using Package Synthesiser.

Board Interchanger

CR-5000: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - Board Interchanger - Screenshot

Zuken has partnered with leading MCAD system provider Dassault Systèmes to bridge the PCB design functionality of CR-5000 Board Designer with Dassault’s CATIA V5 solution. With Board Interchanger you can perform collaboration between mechanical and PCB design, making right-the-first-time products a reality.

Board Modeler

CR-5000: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - Board Modeler - Screenshot

Zuken’s interactive 3D ECAD tool, Board Modeler, enables mechanical and electronic design collaboration. Board Modeler provides an optimized environment specifically for concurrent electronics design and mechanical verification of PCB layouts, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Board Modeler also interfaces with any MCAD system, and with supported physical verification tools.

Board Producer

CR-5000: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - Board Producer - Screenshot

The production of accurate manufacturing data is critical in achieving rapid time-to-market and the highest possible product quality. Zuken's CR-5000 manufacturing tools are tightly integrated with manufacturing to ensure that boards are manufacturable the first time. They support the latest manufacturing technologies, including build-up boards and embedded components.

Board Viewer 

Board Viewer

Board Viewer allows users to share and review native design information to enhance communication during product development. Board Viewer supports native design data from both CR-5000 and CR-8000.

Board Viewer Advance

Board Viewer AdvanceBoard Viewer Advance has all of the features of Board Viewer along with the ability to cross probe to schematic data, add markup information, graphically compare two PCB's, and report on placement and routing in greater detail.

Circuit Adviser

CR-8000 Design Gateway Circuit AdviserCircuit Adviser enables engineers to conduct advanced electrical rule checks concurrently during logical circuit creation. Users specify rules and conditions, create check results, cross-probe results with the design and generate summary reports.

Circuit DR Navi

Circuit DR NavigatorCircuit DR-Navi helps design teams consolidate engineering expertise and best practices into a central knowledge base integrated with the design process. During logical circuit design, engineers can access a standard set of requirements or create project-specific instructions to create a structured checklist to drive design guidelines across the PCB design flow.

Component Editor

Component EditorThe new CR-8000 Component Editor is fully compatible with the existing CR-5000 Component Manager. The user interface for footprint editing is similar to Design Force and DFM Elements, with features that include a tabbed ribbon and dockable/undockable layer and property panels. Support for multiple windows allows for the view and edit of more than one footprint in the same session. Pin information is visible and editable in a table format that supports copy and pasting to Excel for easy creation of a pin table.

Component Manager

CR-5000: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - Constraints Management - Screenshot

Component Manager facilitates parts library management. Symbols and components can be obtained from the extensive internet-accessible components library of CR-5000, and custom versions can be generated through the symbol and component wizards.

Design Force

Design ForceThe highest performing board design and analysis solution, Design Force supports single board, multi-board and chip-package-board interconnect analysis and optimization. Combining traditional 2D design with native 3D design and the latest human interface techniques, accelerated graphics and almost instantaneous rendering and refreshing, Design Force is the fastest, most effective PCB design solution available today.



Design Force Mechanical Collaboration

CR-8000Import mechanical enclosures directly within Design Force for real-time electromechanical co-design for single or multi-board designs.


Design Gateway

Design GatewayAs part of a complete single and multi-board design flow that starts with System Planner and extends through PCB layout and manufacturing, Design Gateway forms a crucial link between initial design planning and PCB layout. Design Gateway enables the simultaneous creation and optimization of multiple PCBs, including inter-board connectivity. The complete system is represented as a hierarchical structure with unlimited levels, supporting both top-down design entry and building of blocks bottom-up.

DFM Center

CR-5000: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - DFM Center - Screenshot

DFM Center is Zuken’s manufacturing preparation and CAM solution. DFM Center manufacturing design rules can be exported into ADM for manufacturing DRC.



DFM Center - ADM

CR-5000 ADM Rules: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - Screenshot

Enables embedded, vendor-driven manufacturing rule checks during board layout. With ADM, designers can identify and address critical manufacturing issues early in the design process and reduce costly iterations with board manufacturers.

DFM Elements

DFM Elements is a manufacturing, panel design and verification environment that supports PCB design data developed using Design Force. Various interfaces are available including IPC-2581, ODB++ export, and DXF import and export.


Dragon EX

CR-8000 Design Force Dragon EX Designers can use Zuken’s advanced interactive and automatic routing capabilities simultaneously. During board layout, users specify multiple instances of strategy-driven areas to simultaneously autoroute the design. This significantly improves design completion times.

Dragon Router

CR-5000: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - Dragon AutoRouter - Screenshot

Routing technology is no longer about intelligence alone, it focuses on strategic implementation and combines the two within a single environment that can be used by all – from engineers to specialist designers. At the core of the Dragon Autorouter is the Routing Strategy Environment (RSE), and unlike traditional autorouting platforms it allows easy setup and control of all of the routing tools.

EMC Adviser

CR-5000 EMC AdviserIdentifying potential problems at the earliest stage possible minimizes the possible negative effects of design changes, reduces the overall development costs and speeds-up the design cycle. Rules are defined into categories to allow engineers to check the design and provide guidance and advice to avoid potential problems.

EMC Adviser EX

CR-8000 Design Force EMC AdviserEngineers and designers can conduct signal integrity, EMC and power integrity-based checks directly within Design Force. Users select from and configure 36 rules in six categories, generate check results, cross-probe and highlight within the design and create summary reports

Graphical Pin Manager (GPM)

Graphical Pin Manager (GPM)Graphical Pin Manager (GPM), offers an effective FPGA/PCB co-design environment providing support for the latest devices offered by FPGA vendors, such as Xilinx, Altera, Lattice, and Microsemi.

As part of the CR-8000 family, GPM enables design teams to communicate I/O and constraint information intelligently for FPGAs or other high-pin count devices, at any time, using Design Gateway and Design Force. This means programmable devices can be developed in parallel to the PCB design, and are ready to meet project delivery and production schedules.

Library Add-on Tools 

CR-5000: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - Library - Screenshot

Incorporates Component Designer: All multi-pin devices, including high pin-count FPGAs and CPLDs can be created via a spreadsheet or imported manufacturers' data using a set of configurable rules. Symbols are then automatically generated based on property and pin data definitions, eliminating the need for manual drawing.


CR-5000 Lightning: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - Screenshot

Lightning provides a complete signal integrity simulation toolset, with Constraint Manager at its core. Simulations for analyzing electrical behavior can be started during both schematic entry and board layout. The graphical Scenario Editor provides a scratchpad for experiments with different design strategies, while powerful parameter sweeping helps you to explore design limits and optimize circuit constraints.


Lightning P.R.Editor

Lightning P.R.EditorZuken has been at the forefront of routing technology since the mid 1990s. A combination of the world’s first graphical grid-free routing algorithm technology refined and optimized to deliver 100% routing completion, P.R.Editor XR significantly reduces your design cycle time and increase your productivity providing the options of manual, interactive and automatic component placement and routing capabilities.

Lightning Power Integrity Advance

Power integrityPower Integrity Advance provides fast and practical power integrity (PI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) analysis embedded within CR-5000 Lightning, during PCB layout, within your real-time PCB design flow.

NX PCB.xchange

NX PCB ExchangePCB.xchange integrates the electronic design with the mechanical design solution. Mechanical engineers using Siemens NX can load the PCB design data, perform checks and provide feedback for the ECAD engineer.

Package Synthesizer

Package Synthesizer offers an intuitive, integrated environment for designing single, multi, and stacked die packages for BGA, CSP, flipchip, as well as high density, advanced technology PCBs. Package Synthesizer is an add-on module for CR-5000 Board Designer.

RF Design and Verification (CR-8000)

Desgin Force to Microwave Office integrationFor a complete RF verification flow CR-8000 Design Force interfaces with best-in-class, high-speed RF and electromagnetic analysis solutions, such as Agilent Technologies’ ADS and AWR’s Microwave Office. Design Force offers designers an easy-to-use user interface to extract complete or partial designs, along with material and substrate information, and export them for analysis. RF design information can be imported into the PCB design.

RF Design and Verification (CR-5000)

ADS MomentumFor a complete RF verification flow CR-5000 interfaces with best-in-class, high-speed RF and electromagnetic analysis solutions, such as Agilent Technologies’ ADS. Board Designer offers designers an easy-to-use user interface to extract complete or partial designs, along with material and substrate information, and export them for analysis. RF design information can be imported into the PCB design.

Saber Integration

CR-5000 AnalogIntegration of circuit design and Synopsys’ Saber simulation tools offer a mechtraonic co-design solution.  Combining the technologies into a single design system with links to simulation provides engineers with the benefit of a single source data for both design functions. The link provides simulation and cross-probing, allowing engineers to efficiently design products of the highest quality.

System Planner

System PlannerSystem Planner is a product-centric design environment for initial planning and partitioning of electronic systems. It enables engineers to optimize form, fit and function of single and multi-board systems, maximizing design reuse and eliminating the need to re-enter upfront design planning data into the design tools during detailed design. It is the starting point for concept and design creation, linking through to detailed design, enabling engineers and designers to smoothly flow through the design process reusing, sharing and synchronizing design data.

XDF Viewer

CR-5000: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - DFM Center - ScreenshotXDF Viewer is a web browsing tool that allows engineering teams to conduct design reviews with mark-up capabilities and import design rule check results.