CR-5000: PCB Design

CR-5000 is Zuken’s advanced electronics systems and PCB design software. Created to manage the complete development and manufacturing preparation process on an enterprise-wide scale, it was developed specifically for medium to large organizations. CR-5000 offers innovative functionality for the design of multi-layer high-speed PCBs and IC packages, addressing design challenges such as signal integrity, power integrity and EMC, while ensuring high-yield manufacturability. As it guides the user through the design process, its intuitive design flow is supported by comprehensive database management system. The performance of CR-5000, coupled with its scalable design environment, provides product development teams across disciplines and geographic boundaries with flexibility and maximum collaboration opportunities for team based design.


  • Right-the-first-time products through a constraint-driven design process with DFM verification throughout PCB design and manufacturing preparation
  • Design technologies for multi-layer high-speed PCBs, with integrated signal integrity, power integrity and EMC analysis
  • Object-oriented, database-driven PCB design software architecture
  • Intuitive graphical user interface and PCB design work flow
  • Built-in support for design variants and version control
  • Easy integration with MCAD, PLM, or ERP systems

The seamlessly integrated tools within CR-5000 enable the interactive workflow required for a straightforward design process and provide all the technologies required for an efficient and complete electronics development process. This includes system design and analysis, constraint management, concurrent FPGA and PCB design, PCB layout and verification, high-speed and EMC analysis, and manufacturing output. All of this is complemented by a parts library manager, powerful documentation system, and an extensive internet-accessible components library. CR-5000 further supports co-design and co-verification with widely used mechanical, electrical, and thermal design systems.

CR-5000: PCB design software - work flow from system design to PCB manufactoring IMAGE

Fast and reliable design process

CR-5000 enables the right-the-first-time design of electronics products through a constraints-driven design process. From design to manufacturing data preparation, engineering intent is maintained by concurrent design and verification, with co-simulation of both analog and digital functional blocks and programmable devices, signal integrity, power integrity, and EMC optimization. Production-proven DFM techniques are applied in parallel to the design process.

Migration preserves legacy data

Libraries and designs can be migrated to CR-5000 from Cadence Allegro and OrCAD, Mentor Graphics Expedition, Board Station and PADS, or Altium Designer. Users can move all the data to CR-5000 from previous designs, re-using symbols, footprints and other supporting design data, and benefit from the ability to rework legacy designs and component libraries.

CR-5000: Enterprise-wide modular PCB Design - Board Designer - Screenshot

Implement - Board Designer

Zuken's CR-5000 Board Designer provides an intuitive, integrated environment for tackling today’s dense PCB design challenges with creativity and intelligent automation.

Product Preparation

Manufacture - Board Producer

The production of accurate manufacturing data is critical in achieving rapid time-to-market and the highest possible product quality. Zuken's manufacturing tools are tightly integrated with manufacturing to ensure that boards are manufacturable first time. They support the latest manufacturing technologies, including build-up boards and embedded components.