New Features Overview - Enhancement & Highlights

  • Constraint Browser – enter high-speed constraints concurrently during circuit design
  • Topology Editor – predefine correct pin order during circuit design to control timing and quality of high-speed signals
  • Placement Planner – advanced floor-planning for engineers to conduct placement studies, design with reuse circuit and layout blocks, and communicating correct design intent for PCB layout
  • IDF Interface – improve collaboration between MCAD and ECAD to drive board outlines, component placement and keep-out areas
  • Power Integrity Advance – ensure proper behavior of power distribution systems embedded within CADSTAR design flow
  • Dockable Active Report – improved ease-of-use of managing reports during circuit and layout design
  • Automatic Drill Drawing and Table Generation – save time and effort during documentation with enhanced features to improve communication with manufacturing
  • Update parts with local library – reduce design times with local part edits and easy updates into designs with reports to compare changes with master library.

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CADSTAR 13.0: Constraint Browser

CADSTAR now supports a new Constraint Browser which allows constraints to be set during circuit design. Alongside this is an enhanced constraint management system that makes the Constraint Browser and Constraint Manager the master when handling constraints, allowing for more advanced constraint management.

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CADSTAR 13.0: Topology Editor

When using the new constraint management system, a wider range of net topologies are available within the Constraint Manager and Constraint Browser.

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CADSTAR 13.0: Placement Planner

CADSTAR Placement Planner offers engineers an opportunity to conduct placement studies and verify design requirements early in the design process. As high-speed requirements become more stringent, placement of critical components has become a necessity. Placement Planner enables creation of board outlines or allows import of board outlines from mechanical systems. Conduct placement of components obeying design rules and constraints to ensure specifications are implemented correctly.

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CADSTAR 13.0: IDF Interface

CADSTAR allows design data to be exported to IDF. IDF data can also be imported into CADSTAR to update designs.

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CADSTAR 13.0: Power Integrity Advance

CADSTAR Power Integrity Advance provides fast and practical power integrity and electromagnetic interference analysis within the real-time PCB design flow. With EMI, AC and DC power analysis combined in a single environment, you can determine the best decoupling and power distribution strategy during pre-layout and post-layout stages with support for a complete what-if environment.

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CADSTAR 13.0: Dockable Active Reports

The Bus Report, Electrical Rules Report, Routing Completion Report, Unused Component Report and Design Rules Check Report can now be viewed as dockable windows.

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CADSTAR 13.0: Automatic Drill Table Generation

Drill letters and the drill table, previously only available in the drill drawing output, can now be added to and edited on the PCB drawing canvas. Furthermore drill letters can now be generated automatically.

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CADSTAR 13.0: Update parts with local library

Maintain local reference names and pad information when reloading parts and generate a report to compare with values in the library.

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