New Features Overview - Enhancement & Highlights

Check out the exciting new features in CADSTAR 12.0 here to find out what CADSTAR can do for you!

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CADSTAR 12.0: Re-use of design 

Reusing existing design data is the quickest and most efficient way to streamline your design processes. In CADSTAR 12.0 there is now full capability to do just that.

With CADSTAR 12.0, Zuken are delivering a modern design environment, which will help you to create and easily store blocks of a design, and re-use them when you need them.

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CADSTAR 12.0: Part Acceptance Attribute 

How would you know if you have used an obsolete component in your latest PCB design?

  • What if your PCB Design Software sent a warning to your engineer informing them that a component has become obsolete when they are adding it to the design
  • What if your engineer could run a report on a re-design to find out if any components have become obsolete since the design was last used?

With CADSTAR 12.0 we are delivering a modern design environment, which will not only help you to find a component easily, but also find the correct one.

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CADSTAR 12.0: Attribute Editor

Managing attributes can become quite a task in a sizeable design, so what if there was one place where you could effectively organize and visualize these attributes?

New to CADSTAR 12.0 is the Attribute Editor, which is a single dialogue box that enables you to check the relevant information before importing this into your PCB design. There is no longer the need to open multiple reports and charts as this is now managed through the Attributes editor.

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CADSTAR 12.0: Ease of Use, new GUI

In CADSTAR 12.0 you can quickly and easily use only the menus that you need. There are several ways of doing this including, hiding unused menus, docking menus that are the most useful and formatting your screen with the use of separate windows in a tabbed layout. CADSTAR 12.0 uses the screen layouts that we have become familiar with from using other applications, making it easier to organize your interface.

With CADSTAR 12.0 we are delivering a modern design environment, which uses the latest Windows compliant GUI, including dockable windows and tabbed design windows. This allows you to use your CAD(STAR) tool in a more comfortable and efficient way than ever before.

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CADSTAR Design Migration Tool

  • Do you have legacy designs in other EDA tools and want to protect your IP when migrating to CADSTAR?
  • What if you were able to insert PADS, Altium, and OrCAD designs quickly and easily into CADSTAR?
  • What if you could use the great new PCB design features from CADSTAR in your old design?

For the first time, users can carry out design migration directly from CADSTAR, without the requirement for any additional add-on tools. This ‘one-click’ migration option allows users to use design data from competitive software packages within CADSTAR, without losing valuable library and design information. The CADSTAR design migration tool enables organisations to transition to the CADSTAR PCB design environment while protecting historical investment and IP for future reuse and reference.

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CADSTAR 12.0: Starting Schematic & PCB Wizard

When starting a new design, inputting all the title block information can be the least of your worries. For this reason there are often mistakes or missing information which is vital when printing the design and distributing that design data. In this version of CADSTAR you will find pre defined templates, a unique dialogue box which shows you all the required parameters and fields that are positioned and justified at the optimum location to minimise the time you have to spend on this area of getting the design started.

With CADSTAR 12.0 we are delivering a modern design environment, which offers you a starting design wizard that lets you choose your template and fill all information without missing anything..