Available now as a FREE upgrade for all CADSTAR customers with a valid maintenance contract.

The latest version of  CADSTAR meets industry requirements for high-speed design, as well as containing across-the-board performance enhancements and ease-of-use features. These include enhancements for the industry-leading Activ-45 router, making the routing experience even more intuitive and powerful and giving users more control over their designs. More automatic features are available, such as Auto-Assign component copper: a powerful method of connecting pins automatically.

The new CADSTAR Redlining tool helps companies maintain a competitive edge and promotes design quality, by helping engineers of any discipline communicate changes as quickly and accurately as possible.

CADSTAR 18 challenges the view that PCB Desktop software has to be complicated. This philosophy helps maintain CADSTAR's position as the industry’s most-used desktop PCB software.

** Limited Time Offer **

Free access to CADSTAR Redlining for all CADSTAR 18 users*

*Access will be granted via your CADSTAR 18 license file.
Free access will terminate November 30, 2017. There after, CADSTAR Redlining will become an add-on option.
Contact your local CADSTAR represenative for more information.

Try CADSTAR 18 today with CADSTAR Express - Free PCB design software

  • Updated to CADSTAR 18, CADSTAR Express is a free fully-functional version of CADSTAR available for immediate download and installation.
  • CADSTAR Express comes with a self-teach tutorial containing more than 30 movies.
  • CADSTAR Express is limited to 300 pins and 50 components.

Contact us today to discuss your CADSTAR 18 requirements.