Free PCB Design Software

CADSTAR Express 17 (Updated: February 2017)

Free PCB Design Software - CADSTAR Express

All the functionality of CADSTAR, limited to 300 pins & 50 components

CADSTAR Express provides a quick and easy way for you to experience the basic features of our standard PCB solution. It includes all the functionality of CADSTAR 17.0, limited to 300 pins and 50 components, plus the opportunity to experience Zuken's advanced P.R.Editor XR 2000.

Sample CADSTAR online library

CADSTAR Express includes access to view a limited number of the 250,000+ parts available within the CADSTAR Online Library. A larger sample of 20,000 parts is available as a separate download.

  • CADSTAR Online Libraries - Sample Parts Library page (20,000 parts)
    (examples are taken from the 250,000+ parts that make up the CADSTAR Online Library)
  • This is not the full library of components but a sample to illustrate the benefits of CADSTAR Online Libraries. It does not contain the downloadable zip files containing schematic symbols, PCB footprints and part library information which Online Library users are able to add to their CADSTAR library.

CADSTAR Express Guide

In conjunction with this latest release of CADSTAR Express, we have also improved and updated the 'Do-It-Yourself' manual to guide you through the PCB Design process and help you evaluate the potential of CADSTAR Express. The guide is included as part of the CADSTAR Express download, and is also offered as an individual download if required.

Require a full CADSTAR Evaluation?

CADSTAR Express offers a glance into the process of designing a simple PCB.
However, should your needs dictate a more comprehensive evaluation of CADSTAR, a full 30-day evaluation is available. Please contact your local CADSTAR distributor to request a full evaluation version of CADSTAR solutions.

Please note; the following significant functional areas are NOT AVAILABLE within CADSTAR Express...

  • high-speed length or delay-based routing
  • advanced Signal Integrity solutions
  • a 3D electro-mechanical verification environment
  • the CADSTAR Design Migration Tool

Download CADSTAR Express Software

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