Download Help and Assistance

Software Download / Installation Problems

When downloading large files any slight loss of internet connection at any time during the download can result in a corrupt download due to the software being incomplete. This in turn will prevent you from installing the software.

Corrupt download?

If after downloading the software you are unable to install it due to an error message, the most likely reason is a corrupt download. To rectify this you will need to :

  1. Clear your internet cache
  2. Download the software again

Failure to clear your internet cache may result in the same installation error.  The software on our servers is not corrupt. This error is caused by a loss in your internet connection during download which results in an incomplete download.

How to clear your internet cache

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Select 'Tools', 'Internet Options'
  3. Select Temporary Internet Files, select 'Delete Files'
    This will delete all of the web pages you have recently visited from your machine, hence if you need to go back to those pages, you will need to download the data again.
  4. Agree to 'Delete all offline content'
  5. Once this has completed select 'ok'
    (it may take a few minutes if you do not do this regularly)
  6. Download the software again

Password required to complete installation

During the installation of the software you will be asked to input a password. The password you require will be sent to the email address you supplied on the registration form. If you do not receive this please contact:

CADSTAR specific help - Operating System Support

CADSTAR is supported on the following Microsoft Operating Systems only:

  • Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate - 32/64 bit
  • Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate - 32/64 bit
  • Windows 8.1/8.1 Pro/8.1 Enterprise - 32/64 bit

CADSTAR Express specific help

Choice of Installation: Select 'Complete' unless you only require limited functionality

Running CADSTAR Express

Once the installation is complete, Windows will add 'CADSTAR Express' to your 'Programs' listing in your 'Start Menu' Select DESIGN EDITOR to run CADSTAR.

The other shortcuts that appear in the group are:

  • CADSTAR-DIY - PDF Training manual to guide you through 2 sample PCB design processes. Automatically starts when the Design Editor is selected.
  • Library Editor - Edit the parts library
  • Migrate Tool - Allows you to migrate designs from previous versions of CADSTAR
  • Whats New - Description of the new functionality

Removing Previous CADSTAR Express Installations

Users who have an earlier installation of CADSTAR Express should remove it from their hard drive before installing the new version in order to avoid file conflicts.

However, should you wish to maintain an older version of CADSTAR Express or have other CADSTAR 6.0 software installed, you should be aware that the CADSTAR Express software will be installed in the same Windows REGISTRY-KEY as the CADSTAR 6.0 software.

It is therefore recommended to create a backup file from your REGISTRY settings before installing CADSTAR Express by Exporting a Registry File (Selected Branch) of the - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zuken
You can read the original settings of CADSTAR 6.0 by double click on the exported registry file.

Upon starting CADSTAR Express first check the 'File locations' in 'Tools Options' for library, templates, colors etc. to make sure all settings are pointing to the CADSTAR Express files you have just installed - otherwise the software will not function correctly and you will receive error messages.

For example:
Libraries -> ..\Program Files\Zuken\CADSTARExpress\Library\
Template Files -> ..\Program Files\Zuken\CADSTARExpress\Templates\
Macros -> ..\Program Files\Zuken\CADSTARExpress\Macros\
Colour Files -> ..\Program Files\Zuken\CADSTARExpress\Colours\
Selection Files -> ..\Program Files\Zuken\CADSTARExpress\Selections\
User Files -> ..\Program Files\Zuken\CADSTARExpress\User\
Manufacturing Output -> ..\Program Files\Zuken\CADSTARExpress\Output\
Output Report Files -> ..\Program Files\Zuken\CADSTARExpress\Reports\
Simulation Libraries -> ..\Program Files\Zuken\CADSTARExpress\

How to find your MAC Address

CADSTAR FPGA requires your MAC Address to complete the installation. You can discover your MAC Address by following these simple steps:

  1. If you have TCP/IP installed, run ipconfig/all from a Command Prompt window.
  2. (click Start, then Run, then type cmd in the text box.)
  3. Type in ipconfig/all in the Command Prompt Windows.
  4. The 12-digit Physical Address is the same as MAC Address

Contact Information

If you continue to experience problems downloading, please contact your local CADSTAR Distributor, or email