User Guide


Installation Instructions:

In order to use CADSTAR Touch you will need to install the CADSTAR Touch App on your phone or tablet and the CADSTAR Touch Server App on the same Windows PC on which you use CADSTAR.

To install the CADSTAR Touch App, simply download it from the appropriate App Store for your device:

To install the CADSTAR Touch Server, download the setup program from and launch it. The setup program will then guide you through the installation of CADSTAR Touch Server.

The CADSTAR Touch applications have the following system requirements:

CADSTAR Touch for iOS:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.0 or later.

  • Devices: all iPads, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, iPod Touch 3rd generation and later

CADSTAR Touch for Android:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 or later.

CADSTAR Touch Server:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 8 , 7, Vista, XP

Network Settings:

To use CADSTAR Touch, your phone or tablet must be connected via Wi-Fi to the same network as the PC running CADSTAR Touch Server. CADSTAR Touch Server will display the IP address of the PC along with the port number that will be used by the App (the default port is 25025 but this can be changed to another value if required).

If the PC is connected to multiple networks, then there will be a number of IP addresses listed and you should select the one that matches the network that your phone or tablet is connected to. To determine the correct network you can view the IP address of the phone or tablet within the CADSTAR Touch App; you should then pick the IP address in the server that most closely matches the address shown in the App.

Once the correct IP address and port are set in CADSTAR Touch Server, you can either manually enter these values into the CADSTAR Touch app or use the “Quick Setup” option in the App to scan the QR code displayed by CADSTAR Touch Server which will automatically define the correct settings.

Common Connectivity Problems:

Firewall Settings:

If the PC on which CADSTAR Touch Server is running is protected by a firewall you will need to allow access to the server through the firewall on whichever port is defined in the CADSTAR Touch Server application (the default is 25025).

Wi-Fi Unavailable:

In cases where a Wi-Fi enabled network is not available, it may be possible to create a “Wi-Fi hotspot” on your phone or tablet and connect your PC to that (or vice-versa) but this is dependent on the capabilities of your devices. Please consult the user guides for your devices for more information.

Using CADSTAR Touch:

When CADSTAR Touch is correctly connected to a PC running CADSTAR the device’s screen is divided into two main sections; the “Touch Zone” where you can use simple gestures to control the CADSTAR view and the “Run Macro” section, which displays a scrollable list of the CADSTAR macros that have been setup in the version of CADSTAR running on the connected PC. If CADSTAR is not running on the PC that the device is connected to, then the “Run Macro” section will not be displayed.

The “Touch Zone” allows panning and zooming of the view using standard dragging, flicking and pinching gestures. Double-tapping will perform a “View All” operation.

The top right corner of the Touch Zone displays a network status icon, the icon is coloured green when the app is correctly connected, red when it is not connected and amber when it is attempting to connect or if there is a non-serious issue with the connection. Tapping this icon at any time will display further information about the current network status.

The list of macros that are displayed in the “Run Macro” section can be edited by clicking the “Edit List” button; this allows specific macros to be toggled on and off.

The “Settings” button gives access to a number of options including the ability to run the “Quick Setup” procedure again, manually adjust the IP address or port number to connect too, toggle the display of the “Run Macro” section and set whether the device will remain permanently on and unlocked while CADSTAR Touch is running. It also includes a “Send Feedback” button where you can report issues with the App or give other feedback.

CADSTAR Touch also offers limited control of other Windows applications. When an application other than CADSTAR is being used the Touch Zone will usually allow the main view to be scrolled and zoomed, though the exact functionality will vary depending on the application being run.