Manage Schematic or PCB variants in a single file

CADSTAR Variant Manager

CADSTAR Design VariantsAllowing you to manage all the variants of a design for multiple product and international requirements, including storing all information in a single Schematic and PCB design file, each with its own Bill of Materials (BOM).

As PCB designs become more sophisticated and the design cycles ever smaller, it is imperative that the PCB design can satisfy the global market place and the numerous product options.

No longer is it economical to design one PCB for one product and one market. One PCB must satisfy many markets, with different safety and environment requirements and many different product variations.

The CADSTAR Variant tool is designed to satisfy this requirement. It allows the designer to change any parts to match all the different product and international requirements, storing all the information in the single CADSTAR PCB or Schematic design file.

Features and benefits

CADSTAR Variant Manager
  • Enables you to generate variants of a 'master' design without having to maintain separate files for each variant
  • Change of Partname, Value or Fitted/Not Fitted components per Variant
  • Hide Not Fitted components and connections when printing
  • Variants are inserted in the Batch Process table, Partlist & Report Generator
  • Change parts to match all the different product and international requirements and store the information in the single PCB or schematic design file.
  • Flexibility to design one Schematic and/or PCB for many different applications.
  • Allowing purchasing departments time to negotiate component costs using the multiple BOMS for each variant.
  • Ensure the variant created matches the master and all previous defined variants.

For full details of what is available within the CADSTAR Variant Manager, download the datasheet.

Download Datasheet