Circuit Planning

CADSTAR Placement Planner

CADSTAR Placement PlannerDesigned to work in conjunction with the CADSTAR SCM & PCB Design Editor allowing electronic engineers pre-placement, CADSTAR Placement Planner enables the engineer to engage the placement process during logical circuit design. Whether you are conducting placement studies for real estate planning or defining the location of critical components, Placement Planner helps improve your design flow between logical design and PCB layout.

Placement Planner is an add-on to CADSTAR Schematics, and is intended to help electronic engineers communicate their intent and provide guidance to the PCB designer more effectively, without time-consuming iterations that can cause unnecessary delays.

Features and benefits

  • Define placement of critical components to optimize board performance and real estate early in the design process
  • Setup the correct layer-stack
  • Define route widths, design rules, spacing classes…
  • Easy viewing, reviewing, cross probing and sharing of schematic and PCB design data
  • Arrange Components (auto placement)
  • Replicate Placement (multiple channels)
  • Cross probing
  • Engineers can manage schematic and layout reuse blocks to improve design cycle time
  • Constraints and high-speed requirements are defined and tested before layout to reduce costly iterations
  • View and cross-probe between schematic and PCB design data to ease verification
  • Access to CADSTAR’s many powerful placement features during schematic entry

For full details of what is available within the CADSTAR Placement Planner, download the datasheet.

Download Datasheet