High-speed Placement and Routing - with length and delay based routing

P.R. Editor XR 5000HS

+PREditor XR 5000HS

Zuken's highest level router. Including all of the features and functionality found within Place and Route Editor XR 2000, Place and Route Editor XR 5000HS (high-speed) offers specific additional functionality targeted for high-speed PCB design, such as DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and PCI Express. It obeys a wide range of fast circuit rules including min/max length, skew, delay and crosstalk limits to meet tight timing and noise margins. Manual and automatic editing tools enable nets to be tuned precisely for track length or flight-time to achieve optimum timing characteristics.

Top features and benefits

  • +CADSTAR high speed constriant based routerPin & branch ordering
  • Controlled stub-lengths
  • Min/max length and delay constraints
  • Skew constraints
  • Maximum crosstalk limits
  • Differential pair routing
  • Route shielding
  • Daisy chain routes
  • Impedance, overshoot and crosstalk head-up routing display
  • Interactive length and skew control
  • Topology Editor

P.R.Editor Activ-45: PCB design optimization with advanced 45 degree routing and pushing

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Constraint Manager

CADSTAR SI - Constraint ManagerThe integrated Constraint Manager provides a fast and effective way to create and view even the most complex net constraints, using a familiar spreadsheet style interface, by grouping critical nets into logical groups, constrain them by assigning differential pairs, skew groups or 'family' skew values to quickly build a constraint hierarchy in just a few clicks of the mouse. Constraint information is stored in a database that is shared with PCB layout, routing, verification and analysis, providing a smooth exchange of data and a consistent user interface across all applications in the design flow.


Topology Editor

+CADSTAR P.R.Editor XR 5000 Topology EditorTo achieve the desired timing requirements for high-speed nets, engineers must consider the proper connectivity and pin order for routing. Topology Editor provides engineers with a schematic view of the complete signal with tools to assign predefined topologies such as daisy chain, H-tree or star, or create custom templates to apply to a range of high-speed nets.