3D PCB visualization and collision check

Board Modeler Lite

+Board Modeler LiteCADSTAR Board Modeler Lite bridges the gap between electronic and mechanical design allowing the PCB designer to work in a 3D environment, enhancing the design flow by reducing the number of design iterations – clearance errors are avoided, accuracy is improved as part locations can be aligned precisely to the mechanical enclosure, and resources are optimized by bringing physical verification tools into the CADSTAR design environment.

CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite enables bi-directional data translation between CADSTAR and any 3D mechanical design system via the generic STEP or ACIS +Board Modeler Litedata format.

Key features

  • Import new board outlines and height areas to meet the CAD design
  • Easy control icons
  • Move, rotate, mirror and align components
  • On-line or batch collision checks between components, boards and cases
  • View individual collisions and make placement changes to resolve them
  • Simple or detailed 3D models
  • 3D model wizard
  • Import/Export of STEP, ACIS, STL and IDF format
  • Reduces number of unnecessary iterations between disciplines
  • Create a fully detailed 3D model of your PCB design to enhance product documentation
  • Visualize entire complex assemblies to manipulate both electronic and mechanical design information in a single consistent environment

CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite - Collision Checking

CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite - Creating 3D Parts

+Board Modeler LiteTrack and copper information can also be included, enabling you to verify contacts or clearance between the PC board and the enclosure, or view the interconnection between tracks on internal layers using a section view.

Manipulating graphics in 3D is straightforward with a SpaceMouse®, while accurate positioning of items in all three axes can be achieved using the built-in align tool. This means PCB parts can be relocated to avoid potential clashes with other parts or the enclosure; dynamic clearance errors are displayed as items are moved and can display the exact point of conflict.

Multiple PCBs can be converted and modeled together to conduct collision checks and measurements to verify the complete +CADSTARproduct, including mechanical items such as enclosures, connectors and cables.

Board Modeler Lite incorporates a Generator3D model wizard for electronic components, or components can be imported from a number of online resources.