Web Part Search

Engineers can spend a lot of time searching for the correct components to use in a product design. This reduces the amount of time available for design or innovation.

To help, CADSTAR now includes a web part search function which allows engineers to search online part information directly from within the design tool, from partners such as SamacSys, Digi-Key, and more.

Our partners can provide a variety of services and information, such as: cost, availability, datasheets and even CAD library data in the CADSTAR format. Please check with each partner to see their full range of services.

Engineers will benefit from this efficiency improvement and can focus on their goal of designing industry-leading products.

Important: How to use CADSTAR Web Part Search

1.  Does your part name not match the manufacturer or component distributor part number?

You can configure the Web Part Search to use a user-defined attribute as an alternative ‘stock code’. Doing this allows you to maintain your Part Name as an internal company-defined part code. This setting can be found in the File\Options dialog:

CADSTAR Web Part Search

2.  For information on a part that you are already using, select the part and click the Web Part Search button. To search for a new part, click the Web Part Search button without a current selection.

CADSTAR Web Part Search

3.  The first time you use the Web Part Search feature you will be asked to select your preferred partner. This setting can be changed any time by clicking the Web Part Search Preference button on the ribbon.

CADSTAR Web Part Search