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SamacSys PCB Part Libraries is a live library of more than 7 million free, high-quality PCB symbols and footprints for CADSTAR. The library contains IPC standard, quality-checked components; rather than static files that quickly date.

Search and place components instantly from within CADSTAR, without needing to unzip or load files. Or, start by searching for components in SamacSys’ Electronic Component Search Engine, click to download and, with the SamacSys Library Loader running in the background, seamlessly add the component into CADSTAR where it appears on the cursor.

Where a component is not available within the library, SamacSys’ PCB Library Wizard allows user to create their own IPC-compliant components for instant download. Alternatively, SamacSys offers a free part creation service, with 80% of new parts requests fulfilled within 24 hours (2016 data).

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Today engineers spend a large amount of their design time on component related activities. With new technologies and market shifts such as IoT, it is increasingly important to be able to develop new products more efficiently to maintain a competitive edge, and this is where the SamacSys PCB Part Library solution can help

Alex MacDougall, Managing Director at SamacSys