CADSTAR Schematic Capture

CADSTAR Schematic CaptureCADSTAR Schematic Capture provides a fast and efficient way of capturing electronic design intent, rules and constraints for smooth and error-free transition to PCB layout.

Data integrity and organization

Key to the success of the CADSTAR suite is the true connective data structure that ensures net integrity throughout the design flow so that you can be sure the logical connections you add in Schematic Capture will be present in the finished PCB layout.

Engineers have the flexibility to create their logical circuit design with hierarchy, multiple flat sheets, or both. Zones provide an intelligent means to navigate the design and jump to any location.

Schematic CaptureCADSTAR Schematic Capture constantly tracks your design to maintain the integrity of the netlist, ensures reference names are unique, and tracks the currency of parts in the design so that your ideas are accurately captured. Version control of both symbols and parts ensures your design is up to date with the latest library changes.

Speed and accuracy

Work smarter and faster by reusing your existing design data, or even import it from another system using the Design Migration tool.

Copy and paste design blocks, entire sheets, or just individual parts from another design, or use known-good logical and physical circuits with design reuse. Adding variants can also maximize the potential of your product in different markets by denoting non-fitted or alternate parts.

Definition of rules and constraints

In addition to track width, net class and spacing class (special spacing rules) you can assign a wide range of constraints to drive the CADSTAR High-Speed Design, Signal Integrity Verify and Power Integrity Advance tools with the Constraint Browser.

Generating outputs

Schematic Capture can generate intelligent PDF, bill of materials (BOM) and other standard format outputs, or any custom format using the built-in Report Generator. Netlist data, including Spice format and pinlist files for FPGA integration, can also be exported to third party tools. You can also add your own applications and integrate them with CADSTAR using the OLE toolkit.

Viewing and verification

Zone markers, combined with configurable net references, make tracking signals across a large design simple, while full cross-probing helps you locate and highlight items in any CADSTAR application including Schematic Capture, Constraint Browser, PCB Layout, Place & Route Editor, Signal Integrity Verify and Power Integrity Advance.

You can even share design data (Schematic and PCB Layout) with your colleagues and customers using the free CADSTAR Design Viewer.


CADSTAR Schematic Capture includes a library of ready-made parts and the Graphical Library Editor with symbol wizards. You can either define your own parts, select from the Zuken online library of over 250,000 parts, or use the SamacSys live library of free, high-quality PCB symbols and footprints for CADSTAR. Search, download and place parts directly from within CADSTAR by launching SamacSys Library Loader and Component Search Engine in the toolbar.

Attributes in the library help you search and maintain version control, track obsolescence, integrate links to datasheets and websites, and add custom fields as required. The Part library can be stored in any ODBC-compliant database, enabling integration with your engineering or MRP systems.