CADSTAR for every design requirement

CADSTAR offers you a range of pre-configured Schematic and PCB design products that cover all of your needs and requirements.

All bundles are fully maintained and supported around the clock via the Zuken support web site and backed up by local distribution partners. Also included in all bundles are:

  • Design Migration
  • Library Editor
  • Design Viewer
  • Place & Route Editor
  • Schematic Design
  • ODBC Support
  • Library Datasheet
  • Manual Router
    (Unlimited layers)
 Feature Lite
Auto Router 4 layers 6 layers Unlimited Unlimited
PCB Design Editor 2000 pins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
IDF Interface  
Variant Manager  
EMC Adviser     
Routing: Rules-by-Area     
Routing: XR 5000 High-speed      ✔
Topology Editor      ✔
Constraint Browser

SI Verify      


CADSTAR options

In addition to the CADSTAR bundle you select, you can also add individual CADSTAR modules to create a CADSTAR suite specific to your requirements.

  • CADSTAR Schematic & Variants is available as a separate add-on so you can quickly, easily and cost-effectively extend your CADSTAR network across your entire engineering team.
  • Variant Manager ensures you maintain only one master design that includes all production variants, whether for sets of non-fitted Parts or alternate Part values
  • CADSTAR FPGA adds HDL development to the CADSTAR design flow - 30 day evaluation software
  • Placement Planner provides the design engineer with the interactive and automatic placement and checking tools to pre-place critical components and reuse blocks, define track width and spacing constraints, update the layer stack to ensure impedance rules are met, and more
  • IDF interface provides a simple means to exchange board profile and placement data between PCB Layout and your 3D MCAD design tool
  • Board Modeler Lite adds comprehensive 3D integration, visualization, conflict collision checking and 3D library managements to bridge the gap between 3D MCAD and ECAD
  • Place & Route Editor XR5000HS adds not only Zuken's proven high-speed routing technology for length- or timing-constrained routing, differential-pair routing, impedance controlled routing, but also includes Rules-by-Area and a host of other high performance routing utilities
  • DRAGON Router adds routing automation to take the effort out of high complexity layouts
  • SI Verify lets you analyze the data quality of your designs, explore alternative strategies and verify proposed solutions before committing the time and expense of building a prototype
  • Power Integrity Advance helps you predict, analyse and control design issues that impact the power distribution and EMI emission of your PCB layout