Topology Designer

E3.topology links logical designs to the physical world; distribute components and generate harnesses automatically

E3.series TopologyTopology sheets created at any scale can be added to the overall E3.series project. Sheets can represent the chassis of a vehicle or layout of a plant, installation spaces such as the dashboard or control panels are easily added to the sheets. The connections between these installation spaces represent harness routes or cable trays. Alternate views of logical devices held in the same project are simply placed into the relevant installation spaces. As this process continues, signal logic and wiring information from the schematic is automatically shown in the topology view and the harnesses or cable trays start to be automatically defined. Inline devices are easily added and alternate configurations can be tested quickly. Special reports detail the routes, including cost and weight estimates.

E3.series Topology

Functionality in E³.topology

  • Link logical and physical environment
  • Import plant layout or harness layout
  • Dynamically create installation spaces (dashboard, control panels)
  • Define valid connection pathways between installation spaces
  • Placement of components in installation spaces
  • Automatic routing of signals, wires and cables between installation spaces
  • Automatic calculation of segment diameter, weight and cost
  • Insert and assign inline connectors
  • Automatic creation of harnesses
  • Quick realization of what if scenarios