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E3.3D Routing Bridge

e3 3d routing bridgeTo help strive for right-first-time design Zuken have developed links between E3.series and all major MCAD vendors, enabling the creation of full digital mock-ups. Using the E3.3D Routing Bridge, schematic and connection information from E3.series can be interfaced to all major MCAD systems.

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E³.cable: Cabling Design and Documentation - System Diagram - ScreenshotE3.cable is for the development of electrical systems and their internal connectivity. It is an integrated, logic-oriented solution for complete documentation of wiring, cables and wire harnesses. With E3.cable, block diagrams can be created, which provide an overview of all electrical and electronic elements.



E3.series eCheckE3.eCheck identifies errors at the development stage and avoids costly iterations. It automatically ensures the schematic is functionally accurate and that wires and fuses are within the acceptable tolerances.


multi-user accessE3.enterprise offers multiuser access to the same projects. Multiple engineers all working simultaneously in the same design.




E³.ExportToKomaxE3.ExportToKomax exports wire lists for Komax cutting machines. It exports wire list data in a .csv format for import into Komax +TopConvert which is the tool used for converting CSV files into the WPCS (Wire Processing Communication Standard) format used by Komax machines.


E³.series: Software-Lösungen für Elektrokonstruktion und Verkabelung - Hydraulics Pneumatics General - ScreenshotE3.fluid is a complete solution for designing and documenting circuit diagrams for hydraulic, pneumatic and cooling systems. With E3.fluid, all the required documents for subsequent production and user documentation are created.



E3.formboardE3.formboard is for the creation of manufacturing documentation required in producing wire harnesses and cable assemblies.


E3.Functional Design

E³.Functional Design - SCREENSHOTE3.Functional Design is for early design planning of wire harness systems. Block diagrams are created and connected through specified communication channels as functional units with their signal properties are placed in the drawing. Wiring diagrams can be automatically created from the functional diagrams using E3.Wiring Diagram Generator.


E3 Harness AnalyzerE3.HarnessAnalyzer is a powerful tool for viewing and analyzing harness drawings in the standard HCV container data format, which combines KBL(physical data model) and SVG (vector graphics) data.

Harness Builder for E3.series

E3.series Harness BuilderHarness Builder for E3.series is a powerful yet easy to use tool based on the proven E3.series toolset from Zuken. Created for harness manufacturers, it produces a synchronized BOM, harness drawings and wirelists all in one sheet.

E3.series Harness Library

E3.series has a new library containing over 6000 parts for the North American market. This library is loaded with connectors, wires, cables and harness parts that can be used to produce manufacturing and cable drawings. Parts are linked to data spec sheets for added information and contain accurate design rules for automatic terminal selections based on wire size and types.


E3.seriesE3.panel is for the development and documentation of panels and cabinets. The 3D information of the cabinet and components documents the placement and routing of wires. E3.panel enables you to work in 2D or 3D mode.


E3.eCheckE3.panel+ is a super-set of E3.panel that includes all of the functionality of E3.panel plus automatic panel routing with a shortest path algorithm, segregation, and duct fill controls, and DXF export of drilling and cutting information for NC manufacturing equipment.

E3.series Power Edition

E3.series Power EditionThe E3.series Power Edition is developed for Power companies that create sub-stations for electrical generation and for those that provide distribution of that generated electricity. Zuken also offers a smaller version of its E3.series design application for suppliers making switchgear, circuit breakers, transformers and all associated engineering services supporting the generation and distribution of Power.


E3.seriesE3.redliner enables you to capture and document modifications made during installation of machines and heavy equipment as an overlay to the original design. As machines and heavy equipment are assembled and tested on site, they often require you to carry-out modifications. Documenting this can be time consuming. E3.redliner simplifies this process ensuring consistent documentation of the final product and in the field.


E3.reportsThe generation of user-defined reports for manufacturing is simple. Any data stored in E3.series can be turned into any format of report, as defined by the user.


E3.Revision Management

e3 revision managementE3.Revision Management ensures all changes are tracked and documents. Alternate revisions of the design are compared against each other and any changes are reported and stored in both graphical and textual formats. Multiple sub-systems within a single project can be issued and tracked independently.

E3.Saber Frameway

E³.Saber Frameway E3.Saber Frameway integrates Synopsys’ Saber simulator with E3.series. This enables design engineers to create right-the-first-time robust wire harness and fluid designs, helping them address growing project complexity and time/quality constraints through early access to simulation results.


E3.seriesE3.schematic is core to all E3.series modules and provides electrical engineers with an easy-to-use solution for designing and documenting electrical control systems including schematic diagrams, terminal plans and PLC’s. Its object oriented architecture provides an integrated and consistent design approach to help eliminate errors, improve quality and reduce design time.


E3.seriesE3.topology is a complete solution for distributing components in the system and evaluating harnesses and sub-harnesses. E3.topology is integrated with E3.cable and supports the developer from the first sketches to the complete schematic drawing. On scaled sheets the target system is outlined, the possible installation spaces defined and the valid connection pathways between installation spaces are created. Later, the connections generated will contain all the wires and cables belonging to one harness.


E3.seriesE3.viewerPlus is an intelligent viewer designed to integrate directly with dedicated after-sales and service systems, enabling you to directly retrieve electrical and fluid design data. E3.viewerPlus allows you to search for relevant design data – through standard functions like highlighting, signal tracking and printing.

E3.Wiring Diagram Generator

E³.Wiring Diagram Generator - SCREENSHOTE3.Wiring Diagram Generator automatically generates wiring diagrams for development and after-sales service. It can also be used to migrate and create standardized diagrams from older systems. After defining the diagram placement and routing rules, wiring diagrams are generated automatically from a netlist.