Manufacturing Documentation

E3.formboard - for the creation of manufacturing documentation

E3.series foarmboardE3.formboard provides a complete solution for creating cable harness drawings for manufacturing. On any size sheet, one or more manufacturing drawings can be created. Automatic functionality makes the placement, arrangement and dimensioning of the harness and its segments easier.

The formboard drawing provides a view of the cables and harnesses as defined in the schematic diagram. It comprises both electrical and non-electrical components including connector placement, wire segments, protective coverings, clips, labels etc. You can manually or automatically place configurable connector tables in the drawing which display pin, wire, cable, signal, gauge, color, and target information; making the manufacturing process much more streamlined and error free. These tables are dynamic, meaning that a wire can be added to a pin displayed in the table and connected to a pin in another table and Formboard will automatically route the wire from pin to pin through the harness segments. Nodes can be added to individual harness segments. Newb ranches can be added at the node point and rotated around the node to optimize the layout on the page. Harness segments can be highlighted when the length displayed on the sheet does not correspond to the manufacturing length defined for each segment. These “out-of-scale” segments can be automatically adjusted to display the correct manufacturing length assigned to the segments of the harness.

Mecalac logoSwitching to E3.formboard – and using E3.Routing Bridge and E3.eCheck – is enabling us to be more productive as engineers and more competitive as an OEM of construction vehicles.

Carl Worthington, Principal Electrical Engineer, Mecalac (formerly Terex GB)

E3.series formboardFormboard includes the ability to calculate and display the bundle diameter of the harness. This can also be displayed on each of the harness segments.

Re-engineer harnesses

For harness manufacturers, harnesses are laid out on the formboard sheet, connectors and splices placed, segments and branches added and connection pin tables placed. Wires can then be added using the pin tables. Using this method wires are automatically routed along the correct segments the lengths of each wire and the bundle diameters are automatically determined.

Print management

Intelligent jigsaw-style print functionality, breaks full scale formboard sheets into multi-sheet documents of any size, each sheet is numbered and continuation lines make stitching the whole drawing together easy. For design changes individual sections can be printed to replace the modified section, avoiding costly full reprints and improving productivity.


  • Build to print detailed 1:1 drawings
  • Place single or multiple pin connector views
  • Automatically place configurable assignment tables
  • Supports arced connection segments (B-Splines)
  • Automatically calculate wire lengths over routing segments
  • Easily rotate branches
  • Calculate bundle diameter
  • Place and check non electrical parts (mounting, tubes, hoses, clips etc.)
  • Integration with automatic wire preparation machines

E3.formboard is fully integrated with E3.cable. The logical interconnection data defined in E3.cable is used directly in E3.formboard and any changes made in either module are automatically reflected in the other.